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    Crash on startup

    Hi, When I start Fifa11 , the game will work until the EA-logo screen, at that point it will crash and give a send report- error. Before my game worked well, but the computer is re-installed and now it doesn't work anymore... Can someone help me?
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    Basque players

    (Don't know this is the right place, but I think it is) I play a career with Athl.Bilbao, now I only want to sign up Basque players (As in the real world). Does anybody know a site were I can find a list of these Basque players or something like that.? Or are there Spanish people who can help...
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    Right analog stick?

    I am playing now Fifa 10. I don't know how it was on FIFa 09 but in Fifa 08 (after downloading another devdata), i could do tricks with this stick. How can I do tricks now on Fifa 10? Is there maybe a fix or something like that?
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    New rosters 08-09

    There are already a lot of questions for the new roster updates. I have an idea, everbody who is able to work with Creation Master can easily transfer players. So, who wants to help me to make one competition up to date? I will make the Spanish league.. So who wants also make 1 competition...
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    very white skin

    you can see that the skin is very white, how can i solve this, because it looks very stupid and i don't like it.
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    Substitution Problem

    every time I want's to bring in Larsson (ea face) my game crashes. I think it is because I change a player with a importd face for a original face because I've got the same trouble with Plasil. ex. Alex changed by Larsson. Alex --> face 2gf, Larsson --> original face what can I do...
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    no animation anymore

    Hello, I've got a problem. When my match starts normally you see the players making themselves ready for the game, when you score you see the players celebrating but it is al gone by me. When I start a game it goes immediately to the kick-off. What can I do? what is the reason?
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    I have some questions !

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to play the Greek Superleague on fifa08 in career. I tried already a lot with different patches but it doesn't work. So my questions: - Is somebody playing the greek competition in career? YES - How did you install it? - What do I have to do? - Where can I find...