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    Liverpool v Arsenal [R]

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    Does ESPN2 show HD CL games?

    Just got ESPN2 in my area and I know many of you out there already have it. Does anyone know if they show HD games or it's just the CL Final?
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    Confirmed: PES2008 Demo for PC out Mon/Tues, PS3 likely out Thursday
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    What are reputation points? And how can you look at all of them?

    Where did these "Reputation Points" come from? I dont remember them being on this forum. And how can you check all of your Reputation Points?
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    Settings don't stay???

    After I edit the settings (in WEPES2007) they don't stay and resort to default. (i.e. size is back to 800 x 600 and quality is "medium"). This is really pissing me off. Can anyone, maybe, send me their settings.exe file to possibly correct this problem?
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    HELP! PES6/WE2007 won't load!

    "There is not enough space to save on hard disk. You need 1228kb of space to create an option file." Can anyone help me with this problem?? Let me break it down: So I've been playing PES6 on my PC for a while now, and recently I changed the "My Documents" folder and it was moved to my...
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    Soccer in America - When will it go High-Def?

    With all this High-Def craze, and since the world cup was on HD, when the hell are they gonna start broadcasting EPL games in HD?? Do they do the Champions League games in HD for those who have ESPN2 HD (my provider doesnt provide ESPN2HD)??
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    anyone here know how to use photoshop really well? HELP PLEASE!

    im pressed for time and i really need this pic for skl... i have a sequence picture (about 4 or 5 shots) of someone doing something and i need it to be collaged into 1 pic... it has the same background it justs needs to be photoshopeed... like that.... can anyone help me to do this in the...
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    What a difference 90 minutes makes!

    well, i thought it was funny at least :)
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    torn acl

    anyone else had a torn acl? i just found out mine is torn. is it a rough recovery time?
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    Goodbye Sol Campbell

    Sol Campbell has gone to Fenerbahce. Have fun there :ewan:
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    England Provisional Squad

    Walcotts in! yayyy ill post the whole thing soon... edit: GK: P Robinson , D James, R Green, Defenders: G Neville, Rio Ferdinand, J Terry,A Cole ,Sol Campbell ,J Carragher,W Bridge, Midfielders: D Beckham,M Carrick F Lampard S Gerrard O Hargreaves,J Jenas ,S Downing, J Cole ,A Lennon ...
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    is there a new codec for windows media player?

    ive downlaoded some avi files and they dont work neither with WM player 10 nor VLC... is there a new version that came out in the past week or two? if so, can some1 point me to it?
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    free ipod baby!

    go here and u can get 1!
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    NBA Dunk Contest NO SPOILER!

    i didnt see it and i wanna see without someone spoiling it for me, anyone have a link or anythign?
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    Fa Cup Semi Final Draw??

    i didnt know where to put this, but when is the draw? arsenal manure chelski - oh wait, nvmd they didnt make it newcastle blackburn
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    Sig Request: I'd like this one :) please make sure to add both players' faces and in the top (slightly to the right) please write: F*CK OFF YOU MANCS :) very simple. THANKS TO WHOMEVER TRIES!
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    did we hav a moment of downtime?

    about an hour ago?
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    Arsenal v Wolves [P] [R]

    for arsenal, its all out (except bergkamp and possibly pires),7760,1766_277473,00.html and wenger trusts cygan prediction: Arsenal 1-0 Wolves (just like 97/98 semi) Henry