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    help please!!

    it's simple all i need somebody to do is make these 2 sigs that i have into 1 oh yea i dont want the panels to be switching like lightening so if possible make them switch once every 5 or so seconds thanks alot in advance here's tha sigs
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    urm can someone please help me with this i need these panels in a gif. format (for my avatar) can i get one with the nedved delpiero and juve logo panels and another with the nedved delpiero and rosicky panels someone help please cus i don't have any thing to make gif.'s here are...
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    my avatar GIF. request

    can sumone make me an avatar that has the juve logo and then has a 6 on it gif. form i think P.S. cud u make the 6 gold and make it kinda fade in
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    my sig request

    hi i would like to get a 300x100 sig of Del Piero Trezeguet and Zlatan if it is not too much:) thanks in advance(Y) and i hav a few pics if u are lacking