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    favourite simpsons moment

    what's yours? mine is this: <div><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" WIDTH="445" HEIGHT="369" wmode="transparent"></embed><br/><a...
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    Spurs - Arsenal [P + R]

    official warcry thread LETS F*CK THEM UP
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    Favourite Sesame Street Moment/Skit/Song

    The best song ever on Sesame Street. Discuss.
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    Starcraft 2 It's too cool for the Games section (H)
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    Arsenal vs Chelsea [P] + [R]

    Oh wow, it's been ages since I've posted at all, but here I go. With Liverpool losing on Saturday, Arsenal can finish third if they win their remaining two matches. Chelsea must win to keep their title hopes alive, though it'd have to take a Newcastle-esque collapse by United for anything...
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    Help with tactics

    I never thought I'd be one to ask about this, but 2006 is driving me absolutely crazy because general tactics that worked in 2005 now are useless. Trying to devise a 4-4-2 with two holding midfielders for Juve. Any general advice? Zone vs Man Marking, etc?
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    Sig request

    Hi guys. Been a long time since I've asked for a sig, so I don't know who the great sig-makers are, so I just decided to ask (beg? heh) openly. Something to do with Arsenal, preferably Henry, I'm being very vague here but I can hunt down some pictures if you want. Nothing too flashy please...
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    The Arsenal Thread [2005/06]

    The Official Arsenal Thread [Season 2005/06] Final Season at Highbury (1913-2006) Founded 1886 Colours Red and White Kits Stadium Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (1913-2006) - 38,500 Emirates Stadium, Ashburton Grove (2006- ) - 60,000 First Team Squad...
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    Star Wars: Republic Commando

    Oh my. Great shooter. It's by an internal team at Lucasarts, I don't know where they've been hiding these guys. Played the demo yesterday, graphics are brilliant (windscreen wiper (H)) and gameplay - I love how good your squad is in finding cover and taking down enemies - I could do nothing and...
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    US uni/college recommendations

    Hey guys. I'm planning to study in the US when I've finished high school here (autumn 2006 most likely). What I'd like is some recommendations from you guys of good schools in the New York City/Long Island area. I don't think housing is a problem because I can probably arrange something with...
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    The gold demo...

    ... is a huge improvement over the beta in terms of performance and speed and whatnot. The screens transition very smoothly now, there used to be a two-three second delay for me when transitioning into a different screen. I like the new player pictures, they're a nice addition in my opinion...
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    WE8: International confirmed

    Went down to the local game store here in Korea to ask when WE8: Asia Cup would be out - that will be released in late October (in Korea). What I did see was, slated for a December release in Korea was WE8: International. Now I fully expect this to be the Japanese PES4, maybe slightly...
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    Arsenal : PSV [P] + [R]

    Group E, first round match at Highbury. Start of the new European campaign for both teams. Kickoff is 8:45.
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    OMFG new Seiken Densetsu game.

    Known as Secret of Mana in the US, fucking good game for the SNES by Square, I'd consider it just as good as Chrono Trigger. Looks like Square are recruiting for the development staff, hasn't been officially announced yet though.
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    Arsenal - Leicester [P] + [R]

    Final match of the season. Official presentation of the Premiership trophy will be after the game. Kick-off in 30 minutes.
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    Arsenal - Leeds United [P] + [R]

    Post all news, predicted lineups, et cetera regarding the match here. Freddie Ljungberg and Ashley Cole are both out for Arsenal. -------------Lehmann------------- Lauren-Toure-Campbell-Clichy Wiltord-Gilberto-Vieira-Pires ---------Bergkamp-Henry-------
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    [CM 03/04] Defender for Atalanta.

    I'm in the last stretch of the second season, leading Serie A by 5 points and am in the final of the Coppa Italia. My attack is fine, I've got class forwards and midfielders, but I have no standout centre half. Innocenti is solid my most reliable defender, and I have Padoin and Francis up and...
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    Newcastle United - Arsenal [P] + [R]

    Would be nice if this thread got deleted, I think.
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    Newcastle United - Arsenal [p]+ [r]

    Post all match impressions, previews, forecasted line-ups for the match here. I'd expect Reyes to start alongside Bergkamp for this match. Pires may be rested and if so, Clichy will most likely start. ------------Lehmann----------- Lauren-Toure-Campbell-Cole...
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    Signature request.

    I'd like a change from football-related themes and go for something else, so here is my request for those who would like to use up some of their free time for me. Image: And a special request for the border, I'd like (if possible) the sig to use the border from this. Many thanks in...