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    Controls - call 2nd defender?

    Maybe it's me.. but didn't there used to be the ability to call in a 2nd defender back in 06? I may be getting myself confused with WE/PES but I thought that FIFA 06 added this in. From what I can tell by looking in the manual and by trying everything in game, I don't think that we can call...
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    FIFA 2005 Shop

    Here's a question for all of you. Maybe someone here can shed some light on this for me. In the FIFA 2005 Shop, I've purchased a number of 3rd kits and the "Puma Ball: Veneno (Italy)". Selecting the 3rd kits works fine, the other ball I've still never seen. I never actually see this ball when...
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    WE7I Option file conversion

    Greets everyone... I've already searched here for an answer to this and couldnt come up with anything. What I'm wondering is there a way to convert option files for WE7I between the PC and PS2? I have the game on both, and on the PC version I'm using the option file from Wolfs EPL & CL...
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    Help on winning 50/50 airballs

    I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to actually win 50/50 balls. In case it matters I'm playing this on a PS2. I know in the manual you use X to pass to a teammate, square to lob, triangle to head and if you don't dop anything you trap it. My question is how do you actually win...
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    FIFA Soundtracks

    Hello everyone.. I am hoping to get a bit of help from some of you out there that still have the older FIFA games. What I am looking for is a soundtrack listing of the song/artist for some of the older FIFA games (98 through 2002). I had all this compiled at one point and even had amassed...