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    Playing with PES4 on XBOX Live from USA/Canada

    Hi, I've been thinking about getting PES4 for my PC, but with my PC being so old, I'll probably need to spend upto $1500 on a new PC that can run PES4 smoothly. Then there is all this stuff about lag, etc. So I'm thinking of importing a PAL XBOX and trying to play PES4 on XBOX Live. I have...
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    WE8, DVD-region X and PS2-origachip

    After buying a DVD burner, I finally got to patching my original WE8 DVD with Fernando v6. I'm using a memorex 4x DVD-R to burn. It just does not boot up. Has anyone been successful in booting DVD-Rs with a modded PS2-Origachip and DVD Region X ? Any suggestions would be appreciated...
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    WE7: D-pad or Left-analog stick

    Hi guys, for all who are playing WE7: what are you using for moving the player: D-Pad or Left-analog stick ? The reason I'm asking is that it looks like moving the player seems better with L3(left analogue stick) rather than the D-pad in this game. But it takes a while to get used to...
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    New WE7 pics !!

    Check these out on the Evo-Web forums..... they look pretty good...only 4 weeks to go !!! WE7 will have real licenses for AC Milan, AS Roma, Lazio & Parma.
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    Playing WE6FE/I in the USA

    I've been playing WE for the last 2 years, and I have only played against the CPU. I've heard that playing against people is much better and more challenging. The CPU is easy to beat (even on ML Extreme) after a while. I've heard of this site: WE North America...but it seems really...
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    Controversial penalty

    I was playing WE6FE, ML Extreme the other day. The match was in the ML Champions' Cup (top 4 teams of Div1) The score was 0:0 and in Penalties. It was down to sudden-death penalties. I scored mine, so the CPU had to score to avoid defeat.... Cambiasso shoots straight at Barthez...then the...
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    Pre-ordering WE7 in the US/Can

    Hi there, Has anyone from the US tried to pre-order WE7 ? I've looked at and they claim to have shipping for WE7 from August 7th (the date of it's release) How is ? Is it reliable and quick in shipping ? I've tried and Kickshobby to get WE6, WE6FE...
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    Supposed list of Clubs in WE7

    Hi, I got this URL from the Evo-Web forum. It may not be official but it lists the 64 clubs for WE7 Scotland Celtic Rangers England Manchester Utd Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool Leeds...
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    To EA Sports: I have been a regular FIFA player from 1998 to 2000. But the minute I got my hands on Winning Eleven from Konami I completely stopped playing FIFA. There is one reason why I have "converted" to Winning Eleven. "GAMEPLAY". No other game in the market comes close to...
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    How to add a player to a Club (WE6FE)

    Hi there, I've changed Fiorentina to Porto and I wanted to add some portuguese players to the Porto club team. I know how to modify the names and attributes of players already belonging to a club. But how do I add a player to a club if he is does not already belong to a club. For...
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    WE6FE in US (online stores)

    Is WE6FE available in the US from any online stores ? Did anyone get it in the US ? -Mat
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    Quickest Hat-trick ?

    Just wanted to know who had the quickest hat-trick in PES/WE6 ? I was playing today in the ML (Hard level, 10 minute game) as Liverpool against Monaco. I was 0:2 down at half-time. Then I changed from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 and Owen scored a hat-trick in 10 minutes after which Heskey added 2 goals...
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    Amsterdam Arena

    Hi there! I was just playing in ML when my team had to visit the Amsterdam Arena for a game. When the match intro started, the camera showed the view towards the skies and look...behold... the roof was covering the stadium.... and the floodlights were on. Amazing !! I had never seen...
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    When is World Cup patch from Rh4psody coming out ?

    Does anyone know ? I hope it comes soon... I have'nt tried the first patch after hearing about it's incompleteness and bugs.
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    WE6 : playing multi-teams in Cup mode

    I started a Konami Cup by controlling 4 out of 16 teams. In one of the matches, two of my controlled teams came face-face. In the controller select screen, I decided to play as P1. But when I tried to force controller P2 to become CPU, it did not let me do so. I know we can do this in...
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    What is PM ? (stuie2k, dseven0)

    Hi , What is PM ? Is it some software by which you can download warez stuff ? Please let me know what and where you can get PM's ? I'm trying to get the we6 downloadable Mat
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    Playing patched WE5FE with Gameshark 2

    Hi, I'm about to get my WE5FE patched with the English patch and burn it on a CDR. Can someone please let me know which versions of Gameshark 2 will help boot CDR and DVDR backups ? My US PS2 is already modded (origachip) Thanks, Mat
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    ISSPE2 on modded PS2

    Hi, While I'm waiting for WE5FE to arrive at my doorstep any day now I thought of just trying to play ISSPE2 on my modded US PS2. I put the original PAL ISSPE2 CD into my PS2 and voila !! I was expecting rolling b & w screens, but what I got was colour and a decent signal but with the...
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    Where to Buy PES in USA ?

    Hi, I'm in the States and finally got my PS2 modded. I've searched on the web, but could'nt find any place in the USA where I can buy PES from an online store. If anyone knows where in the US, is PES available in an online store, then please let me know. PS: I've ordered WE5FE from...
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    playing PES on Mod-NTSC PS2 and NTSC TV

    Hi , sorry if this question has been asked already. I have the option of modding my NTSC PS2 : Here is my configuration for playing PES on the PS2 connected to my NTSC TV. NTSC modded PS2<------------------>NTSC TV (with PES game) This mod chip will help me bootup PAL PES cd...