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    Can you do this in PC version? If so... HOW!
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    Keyboard and Mouse movement controls

    Has anyone tried out with these? I see to be getting the hang out of but I have no idea how to do the chip shot, or finesse shot with them? Same with crossing, used to double tap for low cross now I have no idea. I like the system tho, its nice being able to place passes absolutely...
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    Kaka wins Balloon D'or "Sky Italia has reported that Kaka is the winner of the 2007 Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or) award. This year, it seems that Kaka has run away with it and, under cover of darkness, he was told last night. So, too, were his club, AC Milan, and...
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    Worse Graphics then 07?

    So I got Fifa 08 yesterday, running on 1280 x 1024 everything on high. Yet the game looks worse then Fifa 07? I don't get it, is it like this for everyone? Anything I can do to make the graphics better?
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    FIFA 07 runs very laggy in Vista

    Hey I just upgraded my computer to Vista Ultimate X64. Add upgraded hardware to Dual Core Athlon 64 6000+ (3.0ghz), and EVGA-EGeforce 8800GTS. Fifa 07 runs very laggy now, whereas every other game runs perfect. Anyone know if there is there a fix to this problem or anything I can do?
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    Best Game pad to buy...

    Hey, I have played FIfa 06 with keyboard. But now that Fifa 07 is out, and it is so much better, im thinking of investing in a game pad to play it with. Any recommendations? I really have no clue.
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    Setup Mobile Phone to receieve MSN messages

    Has anyone done this MSN Mobile thing. Ive got it to be alble to send messages from my phone to others, but cant recieve them from ppl on msn to me. Ie. I cant get the "Send Message to mobile Device" thing workin.
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    LOL this guy is the best!

    "You know? I dont know? He know? You Know? I dont know? hahaha
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    Best Game of the 2006 World Cup

    Well now thats its all over, when everyone looks back what do you see as the best, most intense game of the 2006 World Cup? For me I would have to say, Italy-Germany, and Argentina and Mexico were too very close games with some amazing goals.
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    PES5 PC Controls

    Does anyone have a list of all the controls and tactics in the game to do everything. The control menu is very confusing as it shows a PS2 controller, not a keyboard. Ive been looking around for a site or thread similar to this one
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    Highest Ranked Goals of WC so far

    Here is the voted best goals so far by ranking out of 5. You can still vote. In the top 10 goals, 4 are from Argentina, 3 from Italy, 2 from Germany, 1 from England. This is list sorted by ranking, you can also sort by date...
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    Fifa 06 or Winning Eleven 9??

    Which one should I get for PC? I know Winning Eleven 9 is newer (was released in May). Which ones more realistic?
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    So I suck at free kicks...

    Can anyone tell me how to do free kicks properly. Either I miss, or the goalie makes what looks like an easy save (he just catches it). I generally try to aim away from the net, raise it by 2 taps of the up key then use the shift to curl it back in the opposite direction towards the net...