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    FIFA 16 Demo Lag

    Hey guys my pc specs are: AMD Athlon II X2 B24 3.00 GHz 8 GB RAM Nvidia Geforce GT 730 2 GB The game crashes at the beginning giving me Appcrash error, any help, please?
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Can any facemaker do some Real Betis faces, I have good quality photos for the whole team?! Thanks in advance
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    simo4u faces

    AWESOME job with la liga, can I have a request? Some Real Betis, the coming back to La liga, please? Thanks again, my fav face maker (Y)
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    BM_raventale's Sharings

    This will be great if you share them the screenshots are really great (Y)
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    Vargax's 14 Faces

    thanks (Y)
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    KFJeed's FIFA 14 Faces

    There is no converter dude!!!!
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    MuriloCr$ FIFA 14 Faces

    Amazing work bro, keep making awesome work (Y)
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    My contribution to the community.

    Great job mate, awesome (Y)
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    FV.Afwan's Faces

    Awesome faces master (Y)
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    FV.Afwan's Faces

    thanks for sharing these awesome faces!!
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    Church Shoes III

    need this master (Y)
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    FV.Afwan's Faces

    Awesome work master (Y) Can you make Paul Dummet NewCastle??!!
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    FV.Afwan's Faces

    Thanks so much afwan I'll pm you.
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    FV.Afwan's Faces

    Thanks mate, appreciate you're still making Fifa 14 faces, thanks again, and if you are still making for 14 and accept requests, just let me know!! Cheers (Y)
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    FIFA 15 faces

    if there is any way to fix these, this would be really appreciated!!
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    gianpiero99's Faces

    and here is Westwood Fifa 15 Texture!!
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    gianpiero99's Faces

    These what I can find master: Ashley Westwood
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    FV.Afwan's Faces

    Perfect work (Y)
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    gianpiero99's Faces

    awesome faces (Y) Can you make Ashley Westwood Aston Villa player mate??
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    Ivo's Faces

    The best I can find mate Denis Suarez: