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    Pick the Pedophile- Maddox

    How to spot a Pedophile
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    Serie A: Milan Vs Juventus [P/R]

    Milan-Juventus: San Siro Last Round: Juve 2-0 Sampdoria Empoli 1-3 Milan Last Time: Milan 0-1 Juve Table: 1. Juventus 27pts 2. Milan 22pts Top Scorers: Milan: Alberto Gilardino, Andriy Shevchenko, 5 Juve: David Trezeguet, 5 Serie A Preview: Milan-Juventus 10/29/2005...
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    Zlatan or Gilardino?

    If you had to pick one, for your side, who would it be. Give your side and a reason. Alberto GILARDINO 30 | Parme AC Forward Height: 1.84m. Weight: 76.00kg. Nationality: Italy Born: 05/07/1982 in Biella First professional match: Piacenza - Milan AC : 0-1 on 06/01/2000 Career...
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    When crap like this shows up in my inbox.....

    When crap like this shows up in my inbox it gets me angry
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    My Computer Greets Me Like This...

    when i boot up, and windows starts, before i can use anything i get 1. A folder opened to C:\ 2. Add New Hardware i've tried deleting/disabling the hardware from device manager, but it just comes back i have no idea how to stop the folder opening if anyone could help me with either of...
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    I hate Cameron Diaz.-Maddox another trademark maddox (Y)
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    Serie A: AC Milan Vs Juventus [P & R]

    Scudetto hangs in the balance AC Milan's clash with Juventus at the San Siro tomorrow could finally separate the only two runners in this season's Italian title race and go a long way to deciding the destination of the Scudetto. With three rounds to play after Sunday's game there remains...
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    Batistuta hangs up boots

    Argentina's Batistuta hangs up boots BUENOS AIRES, March 13 (Reuters) - Argentina's record goalscorer Gabriel Batistuta has decided to quit soccer at the age of 36. 'I'm announcing my definitive retirement from football and I thank everyone who has helped make my career so successful,'...
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    Different Wallpaper Request

    could someone make me a Brendan Fevola Wallpaper from the AFL (australian football league) anyone can having a go is much appreciated there are plenty images on search "fevola" but i know it's always hard with the watermark, i'm looking for others
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    Maddox- The most expensive $94 Orbitz will ever make.

    another maddox.... people will back him, his website is like a cult
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    The eleven worst songs of 2004. -Maddox

    Post you opinions on the new Maddox
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    Mourinho Terror Threats

    sorry if this has been posted already, mods should delete this thread if it has ============================================= Mourinho threats of terror High profile manager Jose Mourinho says he received death threats from a notorious Portuguese underworld figure over his move to Chelsea...
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    OFFICIAL : ZLATAN Ibrahimovic To JUVE !!!!!!!!

    dutch newspapers are reporting zlatan ibrahimic will join Juventus for fee of around 15mil Euro. updates coming
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    The "I've Hanged Up My Boots" Thread

    as another european season draws to close who are the players who will not be pulling on the boots again next season probably the biggest player to do so is Roberto Baggio but what others, from all around the world will not be playing next season?
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    Game called off Due to Religeon A soccer referee who ordered a muslim player to remove her head-dress during a weekend match, could face disciplinary action. The match between South Melbourne and Keilor Park was postponed , after an umpired ordered Afifa Saad to leave the field, unless...
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    UEFA CL- AS Monaco FC vs. Chelsea FC [P & R]

    i no there is still a few days to go, but this article from shows a big of nostalgia between the two italian goalkeepers who could play, and have earnt there spots the hard way Glove Italian style Wednesday, 14...
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    one last chance for baggio and maldini to shine?

    Baggio, Maldini comeback? Azzurri legends Roberto Baggio and Paolo Maldini may be asked to come out of international retirement and play for Italy at the European Championships. National team coach Giovanni Trapattoni was being coy on the subject on Tuesday, a day ahead...
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    CL- Deportivo v Juventus [P+R]

    First knock-out round 25 February 2004 20:45 (CET)Riazor - La Coruña heres how the teams finished off the group stages GROUP C Monaco 11 Deportivo 10 PSV 10 AEK 2 GROUP D Juventus 6 13 Real Sociedad 6 9 Galatasaray 6 7 Olympiacos 6 4 i...
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    what year is the best FIFA??

    since most threads i read seem to find problems fifa04, i was wondering where people would place it when comparing to other years? Out of the FIFAs you've played, what are order would you put the them in for me personally its 1. fifa99 (this is a bloody classic) :rockman: 2. fifa03 3...
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    Its Gone>>>say Goodbye Fifa

    ive done it i am a loyal fifa fan, never played or seen PES but the sh*t dribbling and the worst gameplay ive ever has forced me to uninstall fifa04, im never playing this peice of crap again y do EA waste their time on graphics? get ur bloody prefernces in order gameplay is number one im...