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    Making people MOVE?

    So PES 5 is fun, save the serious issues with passing and switching controls (from which we, keyboard users, suffer more than the controller users do), but one thing I don't get is: How the hell do you get the players you are NOT currently controlling to move? Obviously, in offense this comes...
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    Editing ref?

    I know in fifa you could change one of the setting files to make refs more lenient or stricter, depending on what you wanted. Is there any way to do this in PES? I'm really tired of all fouls that dont get called on my players.
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    What are players are the next Ronaldos and Ferdinands in the game? I've found a good forward and a promising offensive mid - haven't seen a good prospective def. My findings: Bojinov (FW) - becomes unbelievable by 20 years of age. I love the guy. Podolski (FW) - quality forward by 21 Lewis...
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    CBT going up for corners and free-kicks?

    Sorry to be spamming this conference with posts, but I was wondering if there's any way that you can stop your centre back from going up for corners. It's really annoying. I play a 4-4-2 and both of my side-backs are in attack a lot, so I really have only 2 deep defenders. When one of them keeps...
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    My 30-year old just turned 19. what the?

    Ok, now I've had players retire before. I'm doing my ML campaign, currently in the middle of season 2 (I play 20-min half matches on 6 stars, so it takes a while). Now recently (beginning of the season) I bought the korean midfield Park Ji Sung that's in RL is playing forr Man Utd now. There are...
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    Gar! Help me change this plz

    Hey guys, I don't know if you have any problem with this, but the automatic player switching in PES is killing me. I had to quit my game today (and I've never done that before), because I was winning 3-0 (6 star difficulty) until I conceded 3 return goals because of retarded flukes in the...
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    A few questions regarding youth players

    First of all, I was wondering, is the improvement curve for your created players given at random? Or is it always the same? I made a few young Russian players and was wondering if it'd be good for me to buy them. I also was looking for good young goalkeepers. Any suggestions? I found Lewis...
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    Russian League Thread

    I might as well. I keep posting **** about our league, so I just thought I'd make the topic. League Table (I hate the stupid league schedule): Points Games Wins Ties Losses Goals F/A Team 38 18 10 8 0 26-4 Lokomotiv 29 17 8 5 4 27-16 Zenit 28 15 8 4 3...
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    Two players die from a moose

    Two Russian players, one from "Dinamo" Bryansk, a division 1 team and one who was about to sign his contract with the same club, died today. They were driving on the road when a truck on the opposite side of the road hit a moose. The moose flew from the impact and hit the players' car and took...
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    Lokomotiv continues undefeated streak

    Lokomotiv Moscow played its 17th match of the season, still without a defeat. They have 10 wins and 7 ties, 0 losses. With addition of last season, this is their 24th match without a loss. They have scored the most goals in the league (26) and conceded only 4 (!). They're also playing in the...
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    Editing player?

    Ok, I've edited this player on a team, cuz he's 19, so he's on the bottom of the improvement curve, but Konami made him so sucky that he will never be good and hes pretty damn good right now. Anyway, I buffed him up a bit, and I can't get him to have those stats in Master league. In League and...
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    League logo

    I've looked around but havent found a topic about new LEAGUE logos. When I make mine, it's very screwed up (although it "works" - i have a graphic showing, but it's just totally wrong) How's the league logo supposed to be made?
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    Lokomotiv are Russian Champions!

    Yep yep, just as I said, Loko has done it this year and won the RPL in the last game of the season, 1 point above CSKA Moscow. We'll see you all in Champions League next year. If there are no more retarded refs, I bet you that you'll see us in the final. Especially consdering the next...
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    Question for Chelsea fans

    Yo guys as a Russian this always was interesting. What do you think of Smertin? Not being patriotic or anything, but I personally think the guy is amazing, I haven't seen him do anything bad in the matches I saw him play. However, I've never heard him mentioned in the media much and not many...
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    Corners on Pro

    Ok, I play pro and if I could only get the corner system right I'd be able to switch to world class. But recently I found myself unable to score from any corner and the comp scoring from corners quite often. So can anyone suggest good plays or how to shoot on corners better and such (cuz...
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    Yo guys with decent inet connections

    I found this thingie and it actually might work. I'm not an idiot, I know about comps, but this might work and if it doesnt - who cares. Basically there's a company that gives you money for having their ad bar on your comp when u'r online. Obviously, the money is total **** if you just dload...
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    Russian League getting good

    It's kinda sad that for the fist time in 7 years Loko's not going to Europe, but still. CSKA Moscow is going to the next CL, and I'm all for them now, since their new coach made them an actual team, not a bunch of guys running at the ball. Anyway, I think the Russian Premiere has gotten waaay...
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    Monaco - Lokomotiv Moscow [P+R]

    I'm all for Loko. personally, I think at LEAST a tie is guaranteed. thoughts?
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    Lokomotiv Moskva - Monaco P+R

    so how do you feel now you Loko-haters? That was Loko's first real game since december, and look at how well they played. A fully deserved win. p.s. izmailov's goal is friggin amazing. go watch it on the free action thingie from I am soooo looking forward to the next game.
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    CL on ESPN?

    Is ESPN in USA going to show any CL matches, and if yes, when and which ones? thankfully my school has all the espn channels =p