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    Teach Me how to make goalkeeper glove...

    can someone teach and tell me on how to make goalkeeper glove? what is the software that you all use.. i got fed up to waiting my request to be done.. so long to wait..:nape::confused: hope someone will help me.. God Bless Us.. PenTIum:cool::D
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    How to make Kit and minikit? teach me.

    can someone teach me how to make kit and minikits.? what is the software that you use? i want to design my own team kits..:33vff3o::bob: thank you.. PenTium.
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    ...:::Keeper Thread:::...

    hi could you make the glove that TONBLACKLIST request? i also want that glove for my fifa 11..
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    glove request

    help me please? where is everbody??
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    glove request

    i want to request my favorite glove..
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    world xi jersey

    i want the new one.. adidas and nike. both are gold on home kit and silver on the away kit.. and with the unicef logo on shirts.. can you include the gk kit.. i want it blue.. can you make this.. :biggrinx:
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    world xi jersey

    can some one make me a world xi jersey with minikits..??
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    change armband with

    i cannot change the armband with CM09..can anyone help me please??????:blush:
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    nike and adidas training kit...

    can someone help me make this????
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    umbro kit..

    can someone make this?? thanks you..
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    adidas glove..

    can anyone make this glove for me??
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    i want to delete my account..

    how can i delete my account??
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    Request A Face Thread

    can anyone here make the jussi jaaskelainen face???
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    Fantasy Teams

    can anyone upload back this patch.. the File is Unavailable...
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    nevermind.. thanks. but i cannot extract it with my WINRAR...the file need a password...
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    can some one here make the manchester united goalkeeper BEN FOSTER... Thanks....;)
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    Goalkeeper Glove

    goalkeeper gloves. sure why not..and my friends ask me to request this umbro glove..