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    FIFA 13 Crashes To Desktop - Windows 8 Pro 32bit

    Like it is said in the title, I am not able to play FIFA 13 on Windows 8. It launches, but after FIFA logo it crashes. Anybody can help me? Maybe someone had similar issue and got rid of it?
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    Game Face only for Virtual pro?

    I have downloaded Game Face for my Pro and I'm impressed with quality. So I just want to ask if it's possible to generate Game Face for example for each Manchester United reserves player and then export it somewhere and use in game. Or Game Face can be only downloaded for Virtual Pro?
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    Grass patch v1.0 by Stahuuuu

    Please rename my thread to "Stahuuuu workshop" I'm glad to release my first mod. It's patch which changes grass texture. You can see results on the screenshots. DOWNLOAD INSTALLING TUTORIAL...