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    Manager Mode Starting 11 /Roster

    It's about that time again. Eveyone should be far enough in their manager mode to get to the second season, so I just wanted to know what your lineups are and what your player ranks are, and the team you're playing with. Manchester United (Season 2) ($22mil) Van der Sar - 90 Sergio Ramos -...
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    Managerial mode Players growth

    Do the young players ever grow from the height they begin with? Because right now Bojan is 5-8 and Pato is 5-10, and they look like men amoung boys, which they are in the year 2008, but it's2009 in my season and I don't notice any growth? Can anyone with these players tell me if they grow?
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    Size of Fifa08

    What is the size in mb of Fifa08 straight out of the box, or off the internet? And than what would be the approximate size after World of FIfa is completed? Trying to figure out if I have enough harddrive space. Thanks, and sorry if this has been discussed before, I searched and didn't find...
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    One feature that I hate, but it very realistic is the rival factor, where you can't transfer players from certain teams. I was wondering if anyone has succesfully completed a transfer from a rival club. I play with Manchester United and there rivals are Arsenal, Liverpool, and City. I would...
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    Player Name Audio

    Would people be interested in populating a list of players that have audio for there name. When I play the game I find it makes the game seem more real when ANdy Gray says the players name. WHen I got John Obi Mikel on transfer along with Gareth Bale and Ustari, I was really suprised that they...
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    Buying Players

    I read the thread with everyone's roster in Manager Mode, and was wondering how you guys did that. I have PS2 and it's impossible to buy a player. I've gone after Cech, Sergio Ramos, Essien, Casillas, Robben, and others. I bid about 15 million over the value and can't get them. For Cech and...
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    Guide to Free Kicks

    The only thing that I am good at is free kicks, and I've seen this question a couple times, so here is my advice. This might not work for some people but it works for me: 1) If you are within 30m of the goal always go with the shot. 2) Pretend the sidelines of the 18 extended to the other...
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    Craig Bellamy Golf Club

    Could someone edit Craig Bellamy so that he carries a golf club around? :funny:
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    Live Free Footy Website

    I love this site. It's great for the average fan that can't afford football specific TV channels. Join the forums. I'm a moderator Wayne8Rooney.