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    PES2009 online on PS3

    how is it? is it lagging same as on pc? im asking cuz i wont buy the game if its lagging online theres no point
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    ProEvoluti Superpatch 0.5 for PES 2009 PC!

    great patch but its missing one big thing...CHANTS
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    Pes09 (full) Chantspack 0.1

    nvm lol i installed it in a different folder how do we install the update? theres no instructions thanks
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    Pes09 (full) Chantspack 0.1

    i dont notice any difference....
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    Kitserver 7

    after i put kitserver folder into my pes2008 folder and click on install, i get this msg.. WRONG FILE PES 2008.EXE IS UNKNOWN EXE FILE. THEREFORE, KITSERVER WILL NOT BE ATTACHED TO IT. how do i fix this??
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    big problem!

    when i install pes2008, in konami folder theres no dat folder like there was in previous versions! any1 else have this prob? i only have some img folder..some1 pls help if theres a way to fix that cuz i cant import any patches..thx
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    Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team Patch DOWNLOAD!

    Bosnia Sucks!!! Srbija Do Tokija!
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    [pes2008 demo] salmon patch

    where do i get this ggs program?
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    Proevograssroots-online Transfer Patch & Option File-updated Daily! (23 AUG 07 V4)

    i installed it, and it doesnt work...i tried it online, and tevez is still not in man utd..
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    Updated Transfers Patch for Online Play

    Chivu from Roma to Real Madrid
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    PES International Online League - Applications

    im in too, online name ciko07
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    PES6 Full torrent with link

    i try to dl this and i get this msg Non-registered visitors are limited to newer torrents only. To download torrents older than a few days, you must register. and when i go to register, it says i can only do it on friday?! wtf
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    did any1 make the gooooooooooooal roar sound from the crowd yet?
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    Evolution Patch for PES 6

    when is the expected release date?
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    SoccerAccess Champions League 06 Official News

    yea i agree, would have been more useful if u made this patch for pes 6 instead. I know i will only use it until pes 6 comes out anyway..
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    Right Analog Stick!

    thanx cope, that worked!
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    Right Analog Stick!

    mine doesnt work! any1 knows how to fix this?
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    Superpatch 4.0

    i noticed that the crowd is missing..? how can this be fixed?
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    Superpatch 4.0

    ive got all the files, but theres no read me..and most of the files r in afs..where do u start? and how to import them?