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    tracking player fitness during and between games?

    In manager mode - how can I judge a players level of exhaustion? If I have 3 games in the same week how can I tell if I should rest a particular player? Same question for in-game. I see a blue bar when the player is selected. if that bar is always 'short' does that mean the player is out...
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    Manager's Mode Broken - please help???

    After spending MUCH money on a new system Fifa11 is now almost a complete, usable game. However - I cannot proceed through a season in managers mode without getting a corrupt saved career after one or two games. After that the game crashes at the end of a match and I have to start my...
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    No User Manual?

    Great to have the manual but it's very incomplete. It does not explain a lot of settings such as what the up, down and sideways colored arrows indicate next to each players name...
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    No User Manual?

    Thank you VERY much sir...
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    No User Manual?

    I have the Direct2drive version and cannot find a user manual?! What do all the arrows mean in Manager mode next to each player? How can I see how fatigued a player is between games or even during a game? How does the create a tactic work? And a million other questions....
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    Help opening Winter Roster in Creation Master

    EA finally provided a Winter Roster update for PC and I downloaded it from within the game with no problem. However - I would LOVE to be able to use various tools to continue to make changes such as CreationMaaster11. My problem is - there are no instructions or tutorials that I know of for...
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    Don't know why regenerator looks like that on my screen but I'm still stuck... Let me try another approach here - I see that there are 3 sets of files involved here - some are called .db such as those I downloaded as the Winter Roster, some are called BIG and I presume those are the ones that...
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    yes Keegan - I did run Regenerator after overwriting the dbs with the Winter Roster download. The problem with Regenerator for me is that it runs with only part of the screen displayed (Im using Windows 7) and so I have no way of changing the default options. I can hit what I think is the...
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    Keegan - I exported the db using dbmaster - I overwrote those files with the new Winter Roster db that I found on the web - I don't have any squad files in my documents folder so I'm good there. Still! When I open Creation Master I'm looking at last years rosters!!!!!!!!! What am I missing?
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    where to get Winter Transfer Roster in DB format?

    I now have gathered instructions from various places on how to use DB Master and Creation master to actually be able to edit the Winter Transfer rosters in Creation Master! Now - does anyone know WHERE I can find the official EA Winter Transfer Roster in DB format? Thanks if ya do...
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    Keegan - thank you SO much! Go Jamaica!
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    to camillo or keegan - please - if you have the answers to these 2 questions Please FORWARD TO ME - how do I export using CM11 and where can I get the file for the winter roster update? Same questions as camillo...
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    Creation Master and Winter Roster??????

    Do they go together or can you only use Creation Master11 with the original DVD roster that came with the game? I was told to do this : The first thing you should do is use CM11 to extract the original db to the Fifa 11 folder. You should then overwrite the original db with the winter...
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    roster update in CM11 ?????

    I did the Winter Roster Update using the in-game update function and it went fine. When I open up Creation Master I get the pre-roster update team listings. How do I edit the actual, updated roster that I'm playing with in Fifa11? Also and most obviously - are there any directions...
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    Can't install patch - direct2drive SUCKS!

    First of all friends NEVER do business with Direct2drive. I have loved the EA Fifa series and despite past problems I want to get this version running. I have been trying since teh day it came out. I won't bore you with the details but I'ma victim of the ATI sturttering issue and also had a...
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    where are all the settings?

    such as camera choice and why do all of my games start up with a single player facing the keeper for a penalty shot instead of 22 men lining up for a kickoff?
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    ATI Card Stuttering

    I have an ATI Raedon HD 4600 series with a gig of ram. The game is UNPLAYABLE at all settings. Any advice?