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    21 ultras sentenced to death in Egypt

    The riots broke out in february last year, when Al-Masry beat Cairo's Al-Ahly 3-1. Pro-Mubarak Al-Masry fans attacked Al-Ahly ultras, who were on the frontlines against the old regime when the Arab Spring began 2 years ago.
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    What do you think about my former country?

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    Ligue 1 Thread

    There's a thread for PSG but as I hate them, I thought we could do with a L1 thread too. Maybe someone else cares too, although I doubt it :D Most successful team - St. Etienne with 10 titles, however tha last time they manage to win it was in 80-81. Montpellier won their first league...
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    The Not-So-Glamorous Leagues Round-up [P+R]

    (I actually posted all this to the Barca thread at first, lol) Thought we could do with a season-ending round-up thread for leagues that don't have their own thread... Ligue 1 - 2/3 games to go 1. Montpellier 72 2. PSG 67 3. Lille 62 ... 15. Caen 34 16. Dijon 34 17. Ajaccio 34 18. Brestois 33...
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    Stiliyan Petrov diagnosed with leukemia

    Celtic legend, awesome player, gutted... edit: didn't see it's been discussed in the EPL thread already
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    UEFA Europa League 2012/2013

    The European Mickey Mouse Cup, yeah, still weird we don't have a thread about it. Last years final in Dublin was between Porto and Braga, with Porto coming out as the winners. This year, the final will be played in Bucharest, here: The quarter-finals: AZ - Valencia Schalke 04 -...
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    Communiqué from French footballers '68

    Found this piece and thought I'd share. Even if you're not a leftist looney like me, some might still find it interesting :D Most of you should know about the situationist uprising in Paris '68, with workers and students joining the rioting and occupations. Footballers, apparently joined too...
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    Only in Estonia

    Thought I'd write about our fantastic league that ended just 2 weeks ago. FC Flora was crowned champions for the 9th time (league was formed in '92 after the independence from USSR). After the last match, drunken "ultras" from the neo-nazi group "FCF Right Wing" did a pitch invasion of 10...
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    CL group C: Benfica vs Man Utd [P+R]

    Benfica team news: "Benfica is at full strength for the encounter at the Stadium of Light. The Portuguese club is in second place in the league after signing a raft of new players. They include striker Nolito from Barcelona, Brazilian midfielder Bruno Cesar from Corinthians, and Argentine...
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    R.I.P Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

    So yesterday, on their way to first match of the season in KHL (Russian hockey league), a plane carrying Lokomotiv Yaroslavl players crashed. Most of the team players got killed inlcuding several players with NHL backgrounds: Demitra, Rachunek, Saley, coach Brad McCrimmon...