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    FIFA 13 Cover Contest!!!!

    ....... the idea was came when mr.daniels kicked me when i get high :icon_spin:
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    --==\\ FoxLISIN Thread //==--

    agree with andut :)
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    Faces By DanielM.

    i dont follow ff12 very often but can anybody upload the ingame picture?
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Legend Of The FIFA By Tamir987

    never ending story of the gaylord :icon_spin:
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    Fifa 12 Full version (Fileserve/mediafire/fileserver/enterupload.wupload/torrent)

    the kiddo just an asshole realistic. as long as the free cyber world exist... who got the power to stop the world of pirates.... :capedes.... :ngacir:
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    Nice Ingame Pics

    at some points i agree with this matey... :rofl:
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    Fifa 12 CRASH Fix?

    makaci atas infonya gan... berguna buangets buat para :mahos yg punya mainan baru.... ;)
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    Fifa 12 Demo link

    absolutely agree. including by leaving this forum you could still alive. plenty of sites offering this demo link
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    Fifa 12 Demo link

    dopost :sleep:
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    First fifa 12 details!

    the player models lookalike pes... less natural more like japanese cartoon :rolleyes:
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    Fifa 11 only for kids???

    you're absolutely right kiddo. cause only kids have a courage to complaint like you did.
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    FIFA11 balls by Darxxx

    definitely you cant make everybody happy by making their requested balls. [in fact they have their own balls, haven't they.....] :rolleyes: but this looks awesome.... (Y)
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    Boot and Balls by ManUtd Fan20

    nice boots and gigantic sign.......
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    First fifa 12 details!

    awesome... cant wait to hv it.....
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    FIFA11 balls by Darxxx

    :) thx a lot for sharing it. ....definitely appreciated it.
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    Mogolos and kits

    thanks a lot for sharing :)
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    Sh0n3 Kits!!!

    thanks for sharing all the kits (Y)
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    FIFA11 balls by Darxxx

    this pattern suitable for models on fashion tv. bahama's bikini style. no offense bro Darko, i'm just passing by :)
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    What the hell has happened to my Fifa?

    perhaps just dont patch anything to your game if you're not sure. the random crash is sufficient enough to make ff11 unlikeable. now i have an unpatch version on my pc and it runs well. no more random crash. most likely cause i had regularly stopped the game on Task Manager when my team was...