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    Help in Beating Defenders !!!

    Hi guys i am playing PES 09 using a PS2 type controller and need one help in beating defenders i.e. I want to out run them as they always catch up to me even when i am sprinting. In fifa 09 it is so easy to use super sprint..So can you plz tell me how to use Super sprint in this game?What is...
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    Any solution for this???

    Hi guys i have an AMD 64X2 3600 processor 3 gb ram and Geforce 7300gt card and XP service pack 2 The problem is that no matter what setting i try the game is locked at 30 fps and the game constantly stutters..Its not smooth..So is there any tweak or solution for making the game run smoothly...
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    How to save Dual core settings???

    Hi, I hope you guys are aware that Fifa 09 by default only uses single core and one has to go to task manager and select the second core in the affinity options under process.Now my question is how to save this step as once the game is restarted it again goes back to one core. Thanx in...
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    Skin Texture Help needed!!!

    Hi guys i have created myself in PES 2008 but the skin texture does not match properly and it does not look natural.So can you plz help me out by telling me what combinations of colours should i use to make it look natural? I am posting pics.The first 2 are of Kaka and the next 3 are of...
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    A few Qusestions for the PC version of PES 2008!!!

    Hi guys these are my questions.Plz clarify them for me. 1.Is there any way to save more than 20 replays?Cause for me 20 replays is too less. 2.If a player is put in a position in which he is not familiar,Will it effect his play?If yes in what way? 3.Sometimes when in-game when i pause...
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    WE 2008 PC Graphics Help needed!!!

    Hi guys first off this game rocks. I need some help here. I run the game on medium detail and 1280*768 resolution and 4:3 and have the use frame skipping option enabled.The game runs smoothly but when i am playing a match, I cant see the crowd.The pitch area is fine but outside the...