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    PES 6 PC crashes while editing team

    When I'm editing a kit and try to replace a logo the game just shuts itself off and then a pes6.exe error report appears, what can I do?
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    Problems with menu screen

    Finally I received my PES 6 PC!! the game runs perfect, the only thing is, the menu screen is all black, all I can see there is the bottom line that describes each option, I can scroll up and down, and that line is the only way to know which option I'm selecting, how can I fix this? any help is...
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    PES 6 PC compatibilty.

    Hi guys I live in the USA and dont want to wait until January to play the next winning eleven, so, indulge my ignorance but, is PES 6 PC region free?, can it be played in an american PC? Thank you all, any help is much appreciated.