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    Free Rapidshare!

    Heres some ideas for free rapidshare from my friend. Finally something which works! only 5mb (few adobre reader files and some doc's) removed
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    Jaqb's Signatures

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    Jaqb 2006 Face Factory

    im back with new faces and new power :)
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    Jaqbek Face Thread 2005/2006

    Hello. Im back to this sh!t LOL :) my first face after ... 4 month pause ... comments please
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    Jaqbek New Era Sigs ;) and my gravesen sig :)
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    Bundesliga Faces Thread by Jaqbek

    Hi. I planned make big patch with about 30-40 faces from Bundesliga. I will add bin's for all faces and when i finish i make big facepack. Heres a few faces. Wenzel Hleb Bosacki...
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    Bayer Leverkusen Wallpaper

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    PES4 Faces by Jaqbek

    Hi! I want to try make faces for PES4 :) please comments Zidane
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    PeS 4 editing

    hey! i was Fifa facemaker but its no way to correcty working faces in fifa. so i want try to editing pes4 faces but i dont know anything. could somebody give me some tips? what programs, how to import, how to edit ?
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    Jaqbek's Sigs Thread

    Lo mates ! In that thread I show u all my sigs !! Requests are welcome !!
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    Patch question

    Is some patch with updating on this season (2004/2005) something in style of pach the Wolf for old seson ? U know new squads, faces kits etd ... please help :p
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    [email protected]'s 2GF Faces Threads

    hey i made 2GF texture :) its casillas but i dont know its legs and hands are ok.
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    jaqbek mini-kit thread

    heres few mini kits by me :)
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    jaqbek's euro face thread

    hey !! i start facemaking in euro 2oo4 !! :) first try to show u... van der Meyde
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    3GF by [email protected] !! Look now !!

    hey guyz !! i was try to make face texture in 512X1024 ... and its work ingame !! so now if we have really big picute we can make really quality face !! i used indiana pic to show quality with we can have ! look
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    Sig Thread [email protected]

    hey. this is my sig thread :] im not so great graphic like cyrex or others but... :)
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    [email protected]'s face thread version 2.0

    hey everyone ! Im back :) Im back with my new faces. First - AS MONACO player - Rothen. Comments please and say what to fix :rockman:
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    [email protected] Face Thread

    Hello ! This is my new face thread ! I will post there all my faces ! First : Figo Update (1st version is with orginal texture with some adjustments and update model , 2nd is with new model and texture)
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    [email protected] Face Pack

    Hi. Thats my come back :) i made new face pack... there is dudek, veron,s.inzaghi,prso,nesta. Soon on and PS. BIG BIG THANKS TO DAZMANIA.
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    Inzaghi (Lazio) Face

    Hi. This is my Inzaghi from Lazio face. Its not finished yet. Look: