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    FIFA 07 Cover

    Here it is, low quality pic, i saw it @ gamespot. :ewan:
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    Download bootpack!

    as i promised i would upload the boot[ack, here it is: Download bootpack 1 i'm going to replace the old white/gold predator with the new white/gold.... i'll upload that l8er this week. thx for all the boots to Capela (i'm not sure if he made the predator absolutes..)...
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    Ronaldo sig for me pls..... :)

    Can you guys make me a nice sig of (fat) Ronaldo?? :) I prefer the sig in a Real Madrid shirt I would apreciate it.... Thanks
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    Boots problem..

    I've made a bootpack, and imported it, but then it looks really weird. Can somebody help me out with this? :(
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    Ronaldinho Wall by me...

    I made a Ronaldinho wall, in the middle with his new Nike Tiempo Air Legend..! :D
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    Sander's Faces.....

    I'm a short time busy with making faces, here is F. Torres ingame:
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    Juve wall

    Made a simple wallpaper :p Maybe i'll make some more l8er...
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    My Boots

    Well, I've started to make boots now...bored to make kits :p Thanks to Keegan for some help! (Y) :) Nike Mercurial Vapor II Blue:
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    [P+R] Bayern München vs Ajax

    Ajax played a good game against Juventus. But they couldn't score a goal of all they're chances...:( Bayern Munchen is not so good the last time, they make to many mistakes. Bayern München vs Ajax will be a good game, one of these 2 teams becomes second I think... :) I think it will...
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    Sander's FIFA05 Kits

    Well my first FIFA 2005 kit is here :p FC Porto away
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    >>> Soccer Wallpapers <<<

    These wallpapers are for my site, I'm still busy with it... First up AC Milan
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    My boots..

    This is my first boot: The above of the boot is from EA and I changed the color, how do u guys make the above of the boots? :confused: Ingame screenie( **very bad video card!):
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    *--__--*§anðé®'s Kits*--__--*

    This is my first PES kit, I think it's wrong, I'm almost sure of it:p And thx for the help Matthijs:) Ajax new home
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    PES# updates for PS2

    I'm gonna buy X-Port for Playstation 2 But how can I install patches, kits, boots, etc? And on wich sites can I found those updates for the Playstation 2...? Thx...
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    My GFX

    My prev sig thread is gone...:confused: I've made a new sig style, here are 4 sigs in these style: Ajax sig Arsenal sig Man Utd sig Holland sig
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    Sander's Sig Thread

    I've a new style, requests are welcome!;) (If you like it of course:p )
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    Feyenoord - Ajax

    The best derby of the year(in Holland:p ): Feyenoord - Ajax Tomorrow is the game, last season Ajax won with 1-2. What it's gonna to be tomorrow..? I think 0-2 for Ajax(of course:p ) And what are you thinking thats it going to be? Post here ;)
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    Sander's Kit Thread

    I'm back. For the one who knows what I've done in December 2003, I will say this: I've offered my apologies for a long time to Nootje, and know we are friends. I was then a n00b here on SG, I was also n00b in the whole Fifa-Comunnity. I'm sorry for that... Chelsea Away:
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    Sander's 2GK Kits Thread

    I make kits since the 8 of November, here is Arsenal home 2GK: