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    Anyone from Morocco??

    is anyone here from morocco...i need some help cuz i am going there in a few months :taz:
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    Movie format transforming

    Hi guys... I need help....i was looking through the net for a program that can change .MOV movie format into .AVI :$ and i couldnt find anything....:boohoo: Please guys help me:bouncy:
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    can someone make me a...

    Nice Udinese sig? PLEASE!! i will give u +rep points.:$ :mexican: please...let me know if u need pics(H)
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    Whats new?

    :$ What are the new cool things that u added 2 forum? I see u added reputation! That is great because there is so many users (Juce) that are making alot of patches for games and i think this would be great way 2 thank them and 2 encourage them to make more patches...But except that i havent seen...
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    ONLINE Leagues

    Can someone please post some online leagues that i can join 4 playin PES 6 online... :clapwap: :clapwap: Chopa nemoraš ti svoju.... :shades:
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    WTF??? Before server update everything was working fine and now i dont recieve e-mail notifications anymore!!! Can someone explain me that?? YES i have checked if i am subscribed !!! :boohoo: :boohoo: :-puke:
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    I found cool scoreboards on this site but i dont knw how to import them so please help me: :Bow: :Bow:
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    Is Online mode fixed now?

    Can someone tell me how is the online mode now? Everything working?Lag?How often does connection breaks up? Is it worth it now 2 buy it?thx :jap:
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    PES 6 Install problem

    Can someone help me? I have installed PES 6 on my computer normally and it works fine but the I borrowed it 2 my friend and during the installation he gets this message: "a reQuired security module can not be activated this program can not be executed"
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    Patch for PES 6!!!

    i just found this on some forum: i am trying it now so... :ewan:
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    National Teams

    I havent "bought" the game yet so i want 2 know is it the sam system as in 2006? Can you choose now at the begining of the game 1 nation and 1 club? thx (C)
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    Movie prog!!

    Ok...this is the situation: I recorded a short movie clip with my digital camera and it is big 25 mb...the problem is I want 2 resize it to atleast 10 mb but i dont know how to do please recomend me some program 2 do that! :chick:
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    How much music do you have?

    I was just searching my computer for some music and I realized that I have alot (for me) music on my computer so i was thinking how much do u guys have? Mine library is: Tracks: 6511 Size: 28,86 GB Lenght: 16 days + 21:35:10 :sun:
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    Best veteran of WC ?

    I was thinking of creating a poll of few +30 players 2 see which was the best on this world cup but then i realized the answer is very easy...ZIDANE...So question is: What do you think who was the best "grandpa" (must be older than 30) in this wc? BESIDES ZIDANE! :gavin: :confused: :corn:
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    ***WC 2006 Final*** [p+r]

    DATE: 9 July 2006 @ 20:00 VS Trophy: STADIUM: Referee: Horacio Elizondo of Argentina Squads: you already know that..... This is it! No more matches to play! Italy or France? IMO both teams deserve these final game but my heart knocks for the "divers","cheaters" but...
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    40" Rims DAMN!!!!!

    30" Wheels :junior:
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    Super League

    Can someone tell me where i can download some kind of a super league? STH like Inter,Man UTD,Barcelona,real,chelsea all in one league... FOr FM 2006 offcourse! Thx! :confused: :confused:
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    WC Round of 16: Italy vs Australia [P+R]

    VS Kick Off Time: 17:00 Venue: Fritz-Walter-Stadion Capacity: 46.000 Referee: MEDINA CANTALEJO Luis Temperature: 32°C 90°F Conditions: Partly Cloudy Difficult job for Italy but we all know them...They will score in 90 th min(Inzaghi) :X Australia has a great man...
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    WC Round of 16: Italy vs Australia [P+R]

    Who will go to the next round? 1 Italy 2 Australia
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    save game editor for fm 2006

    can someone give me a link? :bob: :bob: