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    Welcome to "Fielzão" - WC 2014 Opening Stadium

    It's Corinthians' stadium, yet to be built. Deadline: March 2013. The initial project was designed for 48,000 atendants, expansible to 70,000, acording to FIFA's norms for WC stadiums. Enjoy: Gallery...
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    That's one fine year for brazilian football. In the past, we use to call 'killers' or 'matadores' players with unlikely talent to score. Now, they're goalkeepers. No, I'm not talking of no goalie that can perform as Chilavert or Rogerio Ceni. Although this one already scored some pretty...
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    Leo to Brazil

    According to, Leonardo, ex-Milan coach is the elected to substitute Dunga. The deal should be 90% closed now and probably, in the end of July, his name will be announced. Particularly, I think it's a damn good choice. He's the exact opposite of Dunga. And this is exactly what CBF...
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    Maybe the problem is the sum of R,O,N,A,L and D...

    'Coz either if you are RonaldO or RonaldINHO the 'belly effect' will chase you. Cristiano, watch out. Those 'brickwall' abs have their days numbered. Damn, I'm shocked. REALLY shocked. Enjoying his vacation time in Rio, Ronaldinho plays with kids and the people. And with the honor of the...
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    I was never so proud of a coach like I am about Dunga. Even if he loses this Cup.

    I'll explain why. I've been following football for many years, more than half of my life. I saw big talking coaches and players, great, flairy teams that came up to nowhere. And I saw pragmatic men, sitting on their benches, getting boos and the worst critics from so called 'expertised'...
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    Ivory Coast: COLOSSAL disappointment

    I please ask for the forgiving of Ivory Coast people or fans in advance...or every other african football fan. But I don't know if it's just me...did you notice that EVERYTIME an african team gets some spot they become the most arrogant asses in the planet? Ivory Coast's atitude yesterday...
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    'A coward trying to move the focus away of his incompetence'

    Those were the basic words from Kaka's wife about Pellegrini on the fact that her husband was swaped during a decisive and really disappointing match. It was posted on her Tweeter page, as it follows...
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    Rodrigo Rojas, Olimpia, Paraguay

    Could someone tell me anything about that player? Some say he plays like Fabregas.
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    Americas' strikers

    After Lucas Barrios signed with Dortmund, i really couldn't tell what other players in S. America and C. America are statiscally top strikers such as him or his predecessor, Suazo. Can someone tell? We have Falcao Garcia in River Plate too, but i don't know any other name around.
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    Football Funny Moments

    if there's a thread for that already, I'm sorry, I couldn't find. I contribute with this:
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    Mexican participation in Libertadores - do you agree or not?

    It's been a long time since Mexican teams started their participation in Copa Libertadores Undeniably, they enriched the footbal played there, because, well, it's just great to see Mexican fast, somehow talented and determined players - along with other south american ones, brazilians...
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    Hey Man U...make sure isn't hot before touching it.

    check below and then, check again Corinthians 'reply' shirts,,MUL1032292-9862,00-TIMAO+RESPONDE+AO+MANCHESTER+UNITED+EM+BOM+PORTUGUES+OU+EM+INGLES+SE+PREFER.html I just don't get these stupid Man U fans and club managers...
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    Ronaldo still has a long way to go

    the ex #1 of the world fights against his extra pounds in order to get fit and play for corinthians this season.
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    no matter if u find it stupid or not...fifa's statement about corinthians world title

    some months ago, i spent some time and words here trying to find out peoples' opinion about corinthians world title in 2000. i got out of the discussion feeling that the world was 'bambinized' - yes, we call bambi sao paulo fans, who are the biggest opponents to the idea that corinthians it...
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    What Real Needs To Beat Arsenal?

    don't get me wrong madridistas, have to admit...good or bad, arsenal looks better than real today. I mean, for a much longer time, they have a more compact team, with some players being traded or going to other teams, that's true...but anyway, it still looks better than the galacticos...
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    To Liverpool Fans: Be Honest... u really care about the FIFA World Cup of Clubs held in Japan? I u really demand ur team to win that title as u'd demand it to win CL? a few u care about FIFA World Cup of Clubs?
  17. T What Do You Tell About Brazilian League?

    ok, let's change the focus here, i guess some guys around thought i was kinda trying to take a golden focus over my fave team (what isn't a sin at all, is it? hehehehe), but that's ok. i read here a guy saying that watches brazilian league in a normal tv network (not cable or else) as i...
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    My Idea About A World Cup Of Clubs

    despite that many european clubs complain all the time(*) I'm sure a world cup of clubs it is a true possibility. Dunno if u'll agree with the format I suggest: It would happen every two years, after the world cup and Eurocup. so, the next editions would be in 2007 and 2009, for example...
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    What Do You Know About Corinthians?

    it seems quite a stupid topic in the middle of so many european guys, but I'm assuming many here do watch brazilian football or appreciate football in a general way. and well, the reason of this question started to grow since Sao Paulo's title in Libertadores... i gotta to explain this...
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    Those Players And Their Wonderful Quotes!!!

    ok, post here the phrases once said by players and head coaches (or anyone football-related) and which marked media pages and news for a matter what's the reason, if funny of nasty. 'A classic match is a classic match and vice-versa' Jardel, ex-Porto Player 'I dribbled the...