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    How many megs for playing online?

    What's the transfer rate for, say, an hour?
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    I present you... the free kick bug.

    If you want to score any long distance free kick (and I mean any, starting for like 30 meters), simply use the 2 players method. Select one to pass the ball and another with 90+shot-power (like Sheva) to kick it. Fill the bar to like 3/4 and celebrate... the keeper is way ahead of the place he...
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    What are the controls for the PSP version of WE9?

    I know most of them are just like the PS2 version, but some are not. Is there a site withe the complete list of the different controls? How do you Super Cancel? Thanks
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    Stop crying about excessive shoulder-to-shoulder fouls...

    ...just go shoulder to shoulder with R1+R2! Reduced the fouls in like 80%, for me. Thank me later!
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    WE8LE "uindeletable" corrupt option file

    I can't delete a corrupt option file... so I can't install the new option file... I have to start without option file everytime I play =( help
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    Problem with option file (corrupt files)

    I can't delete a corrupt WE8 option file, so I can't install the new option file :( Help!
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    what's the best player on WE8?

    hmmmmm? :crazyboy:
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    Feints, anyone? HEEEELP!

    what are the new feints, and how do you do it? Thanks in advance!
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    How do you put your face in PES3?

    Is it possible? How?
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    ISS3 Feints

    Post what you know, please.
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    ISS 3 online - play against me!

    Hi, I know that the game's online version is hella slow, but, if you want to play against me, close every application/programs you don't need, to play online, and contact me: MSN: [email protected] Mustaine AIM (rare): Draft Of Pain See you soon! :)