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    Can you do this in PC version? If so... HOW!
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    Keyboard and Mouse movement controls

    Has anyone tried out with these? I see to be getting the hang out of but I have no idea how to do the chip shot, or finesse shot with them? Same with crossing, used to double tap for low cross now I have no idea. I like the system tho, its nice being able to place passes absolutely...
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    Uefa Euro 2008 Demo is here :)

    Sounds like EA
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    Liverpool - Inter [R]

    1-0 Inter, my prediction. Liverpool had a hard enough time scoring with a man advantage for 2/3rd of the game at Home. They wont score in Milan.
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    Liverpool - Inter [R]

    Inter doesn't count as an Italian team, we all know it :p
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    AC Milan Thread [07/08]

    Thanks for making Canadians look like idiots to the eyes of the world.
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    Liverpool - Inter [R]

    Hey English fans get that stick out of your ass. Dont you think theres a reason why the english national team never goes anywhere and why both Spanish and Italian teams enjoy much greater success in the champions league? Italy Clubs - 25 Appearances in CL Finals Spanish Clubs - 20...
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    AC Milan Thread [07/08]

    Excellent match boys.. the brazilian trio... simply awesome. Were still shaky in the back though.. Though apparently were going on a 100 million euro spending fee this summer to boyster up the ranks.
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    Champions League 2007-2008

    Ahem.. this is what Man U fans all said last year before the 2 legs.. we all know what happened. Realistically though I can't predict this... but if your just gonna write off Milan cause their "old" then.. you got another thing coming. Thats what every Man U fan said last year, and I...
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    Fifa 08 Gameplay Is Sh!t!!

    Play more.. the gameplay is actually a lot better then 07 having played both a lot. It took me awhile to get good at 08 but I play in World Class no problem now. Just keep at it.
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    Welcome Sir. Fabio Capello

    England hiring the skills of italian managers.. love it.
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    Club World Cup 2007

    I wouldn't call it a weak game.. Milan dominated, they just can't finish or should i say Gila can't finish. Imagine if we had a real striker up front, with all the support they'd get from the likes of Pirlo and Kaka, this game would have ended 4-0.
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    CL Matchday 6: AS Roma vs. Manchester UTD [P+R]

    Inter?? Please.. Milan way before Inter.
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    Ballon d'Or [R]

    perhaps if he wasn't such a cry baby. take a look at the 3:11 mark of this clip. Watch C Ronaldo in the background once Kaka gets the ball and comes storming towards the Man U defense.
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    Scotland - Italy [R]

    I'll admit Italy played terrible, aside from the opening 10-15 minutes. And did not deserve to win. Di Natalies goal should have counted though. And if it went up 2-0 at that point different game entirely. Pretty bad reffing overall, but you cant totally blame that, Scotland had the chances...
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    violence in Italy

    The sad part is suspending and banning people from matches only punishes the true fans not the idiots who go to cause ****.
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    violence in Italy

    No that won't do anything..
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    violence in Italy

    Some Pics from the Milan - Atalanta game following this and forcing the game to be suspended.
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    Kaka wins Balloon D'or "Sky Italia has reported that Kaka is the winner of the 2007 Golden Ball (Ballon d'Or) award. This year, it seems that Kaka has run away with it and, under cover of darkness, he was told last night. So, too, were his club, AC Milan, and...