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  1. BogdanCDC

    FIFA 16 Career Mode - Post Your Career Mode, and show us your Story :)

    Hello guys, me, @JochemLFC2 , @Papinho81 decided to create a thread in which we will post our career mode saves, no matter if it's FIFA 10 or FIFA 22 :)) , feel free to comment on the progress or even post your career mode story, on reaching to the top :D My Career Mode Save is in Romania...
  2. BogdanCDC

    Romanian Minifaces 2021

    Hello everyone, in this thread i am going to post the romanian minifaces that i have made. Enjoy, if you want to use it in patches, feel free to use them :) I am going to start with FCSB(FC Steaua Bucuresti) MinifacePack. :)
  3. BogdanCDC

    How To Edit The History Of A Team?

    Hello, how can i edit the history of a team? I am reffering to the short history displayed before you select a team in career mode. :)
  4. BogdanCDC

    Scoreboards Tutorial

    What program should i use in order to create a scoreboard for FIFA 15? I want to create new scoreboards for Champions League and Europa League, as the ones made for the game are outdated.
  5. BogdanCDC

    FIFA 14 faces to FIFA 15

    Does anyone know how to convert faces from FIFA 14 to FIFA 15?