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  1. ac12

    FROSTY EDITOR - Tutorial request

    Hi everyone, after several years I am getting back to doing some editing that for several reasons I had set aside. I'm looking for a tutorial for importing into frosty mesh editor. I edited some faces and would like to try it ingame, but I can't find the IMPORT function of the 3d model...
  2. ac12

    ac12's Model

    160306 3D model for original socks. 160223 My model of shoes and socks. ACE16+ FIX
  3. ac12

    Face Master 15 Beta Test (Bug Reports)

    My friend Rinaldo make a new tools for editing for the face as i suggest to him. Face Master Beta 1 Big big big thank you for this Rinaldo.
  4. ac12

    Loras Tyrell's Faces

    Hello everyone. i'am ac12 from For many years, no longer published publicly, some of the old editer remember of my work about ten years ago. It happens that sometimes I try to do some face. I create them unpretentious, but only to improve some players that prefer and which do not...
  5. ac12

    Ac12's Faces

    Stefan LICHTSTEINER - FACEGEN's face
  6. ac12

    ac12's face

    Hi! I am ac12 from fifamania! (Y) I post here my face with Facegen. I used a project of du_oro10 (thank you).
  7. ac12

    ac12's faces

    Leonardo Bonucci. Version 0.1 beta U can' see this
  8. ac12

    ac12's gameplay

    ac12 gp10 v1.0
  9. ac12

    ac12's faces

    Hello guys, as some know I am a Editer of gameplay and db for For fun I started making faces. I hope you like them. (Y)
  10. ac12

    TEAM STYLE editing

    Hello! Let me set the correct team style of all teams in FIFA. I will take care for Italian teams being Italian or others who wanted to participate. But for the German teams, British, French eccecc i don't know. Can you help me? Example ATALANTA 4-4-2 Attack WING PLAY TOTAL FOOTBALL Build...
  11. ac12

    ac12's gameplay 09

    ac12 gameplay 09 v1.0 ac12 gameplay 09 v2.0 ac12 gameplay 09 v3.0 coming soon Thank you :mike:
  12. ac12

    Fifadata 08

    The autor is Ludo :) :Carlos*o: Database editor Thanks
  13. ac12

    AC12 Gameplay

    Hi! I'm a italian editer and this is my work :$ On ac12 gameplay :jap: AC12
  14. ac12

    ac12 works

    Hello boys, :ewan: I'm ac12 of I'm author of various patch on the gameplay for Fifa 2005 and Fifa 06. Today finally it has been activated mine account on Soccer Gaming and I can here mail. You can download my last job here. ac12 gameplay 3.0 Is a fusion on my...