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  1. nikolapfc89

    FIFA 16 Predictions/Match of the day

    Hello and welcome to the FIFA 16 Prediction matches thread. I am creating this thread so we can play some prediction games in our FIFA 16. Why predictions? Because you can test so many different teams and players, different stadiums, atmospheres etc. During weekends and workdays, I will post...
  2. nikolapfc89


    Ok guys, i forgot that i have great pitch textures in HD created by Eltico for PES 6. I will need help to make them available for FIFA 16. That means that we need to test and try it to find perfect pitchcolor_0_textures and pitch_common_textures for them (because those files determinates how...
  3. nikolapfc89

    FIFA 21 Textures/Models for Editors

    Big thanx and ALL CREDITS GOES to NFS_FM from Evo Web forums (PES editing community) who extracted many stuff from FIFA 21 PC so we can use in FIFA 14/16! Files are HD so mean much better textures than Switch version as far as i know. Kits textures are "2048x2048", balls "1024x1024", boots...
  4. nikolapfc89

    FIFA 21 Turf mud

    Mud from FIFA 21 working great in FIFA 16. For me it looks like much better than original 16 mud files. Plus they are HD. Here texture image files packed in .rar wearpattern texture files And here is specific rx3 file for Alanyaspor example...
  5. nikolapfc89

    [Chants/Anthems/Goal songs] collection and editing

    Guys i have many chants collected from pes/fifa games and i decide to go back with chants editing! I am now collecting chants that i miss and exporting chants from old FIFA games (especially FIFA 10). My idea is to collect all active chants (which still have links and to create HQ chants pack)...
  6. nikolapfc89

    Premier League Graphics

    @rique1984 or anyone get somewhere or create this new green graphic for EPL scoreboard? so we can update EPL scoreboard.
  7. nikolapfc89

    Converted balls PES6 to FIFA

    Here is SELECT ball pack with new upcoming season balls converted from pes 6 to fifa 16. All credits goes to HAYATE pes 6 editor who created this textures! Download - Puma La Liga BETA 2020/21 Download - Uhlsport...
  8. nikolapfc89

    FIFA 16 Lag after windows update

    I am having some kind of lag/stutering during gameplay in FIFA 16. All this start to happens after new windows update (1903). It's not unplayable but its so annoying. Is anyone else experience same problem? I am using windows 10, and i try updating radeon graphic drivers. But nothing.
  9. nikolapfc89

    Chants script

    Ok FIFA folks, let's start with this! I will share my script and you try will this work with your mp3 player. I am using AIMP Player, so i dont know will this work on other, but it's easy to create new script for other player. Needed stuff: MP3 Player; AutoHotKey (download and install on...
  10. nikolapfc89

    Total graphic patch [MoviesGDB/ScoreboardsGDB/TVLogosGDB]

    AUSTRIA Bundesliga download AUSTRIA OFB Cup download BELGIUM Jupiler Pro League download BULGARIA Parva Liga download CZECH Fortuna Liga download DENMARK Superliga download ENGLAND Premier League download ENGLAND EFL download ENGLAND FA Cup download FRANCE Coupe de France...
  11. nikolapfc89

    FIFA 16 graphic stuff[goalnets, goalposts and netsupportpost]

    Here it is guys. I have some goalnets in my folder. Some of them are converted from pes. Goalnets go into sceenassests/goalnet folder Their name should be like this (example Chelsea ID 5) specificgoalnet_teamid_stadiumid (example specificgoalnet_5_28). If you name specificgoalnet_5_0, it will...
  12. nikolapfc89

    FIFA World Cup 2018 Graphic/Stuff

    If someone is interested, we could make movies for entrance (CGFS 16) taken from fifa 18, like this: Is there files in fifa 18 game that we could use for that? Or we must use YT videos and convert it? Also it could be good to add music into video, i dont know maybe WC song, but i had i my...
  13. nikolapfc89

    FIFA 16 Graphic [Scoreboards, FIFA 19 balls ps3]

    Hello everyone, i will create some scoreboards when i have free time. They are not perfect cause they are for my own use, so if someone want it (C) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bundesliga 2017/18 v1 download...
  14. nikolapfc89

    FIFA 16 Player/Team Chants

    So new big annoucement was that game will have 900+ chants. EPL and Bundesliga are really great, but what are other teams that have updated chants? Teams: Full EPL Full Bundesliga PSG Nice Marseille Also there are some player chants. We have Chelsea fans singing Diego, Diego...
  15. nikolapfc89

    Missing Transfers

    Guys is there any info what transfers are missing (default squads and roster,from fifa 13) ingame? Thanx in advance. :blueball:
  16. nikolapfc89

    FIFA 13 Chants

    How i must burn CD? Like data or audio? I have problem,when isert on XBOX i dong get Play CD,and when i go to Music library i dont have RIP?
  17. nikolapfc89


    Hey guys i need texture for BLACK goalnet (Y) It would be nice texture that can be imported with CM 12.
  18. nikolapfc89

    Chants by nikolapfc89

    Hi guys.I am chantsmaker (i worked on Pes chants for a lot of time,and i have on my PC lot of chants for all teams of Europe) so i will post here my work of chants for Fifa 12 (Y) I will also include team entrance,and playlist for that team. Here is an example of that,Brescia...
  19. nikolapfc89

    Graphic editions >Devilish Soldier

    Here i`ll post editions from my friend Devilish Soldier: JSL (Jelen Superliga - Serbia) minikits DOWNLOAD: JSL Logopack DOWNLOAD...
  20. nikolapfc89

    Fans,Ultras - videos,pics...

    I think this subject should be active. Post here videos and pictures of fans and chants.. i will put Ultras,fans from Serbia Eternal derby red star-Partizan