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  1. AdioszPL


    I'm going to start making shoes for fifa 21 soon you have to wait for the FIFA 21 program
  2. AdioszPL


    September 27, I start working on shoes for the fifa 20
  3. AdioszPL

    AdioszPL Shoes

    Soon starts new bootpack2019 all new shoes ! wait!
  4. AdioszPL

    group on Discrod

    I invite people to the group discord who are still playing in FIFA 18 addons are added there sorry for my English
  5. AdioszPL

    New Group With mods to fifa 18
  6. AdioszPL


    hello, I'm all making shoes for FIFA 18 mabye FIFA 16
  7. AdioszPL

    AdioszPL's Boots

    I make shoes my free time