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    Hamachi multiplayer internet!

    hi all! i'm opening this thread to make known to all here in soccergaming that u can play fifa on internet free! u just need hamachi program that can be found very easily in google. than create ur account and join a network...maybe begin with mine: Network name: Fifa ALBANIA Network...
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    i need assets.big file pls???

    hi all! well i tryed to install fifa 09 and it tells to me that the assets.big file is missing.... can anyone upload it somewhere or tell me where can i find it plssssss!! it is in data/gui/assets.big pls guys someone help me?:blush:
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    cant install patch 1.20..pls help???

    i cant intstall pes 2009 patch version 1.20 says to me that <<<it cant be installed because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the uprgade patch may update a different version of the program. verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the...
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    next gen things?

    everybody knows that fifa 08 have made so bad ankle tapes and i thought if anybody here can edit there missing parts in the front of them... and socks too arent realistic at all...u 've seen them they really look like they're fit into players leg... so can this too thing be remodeled???
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    goal celebration edit???

    so i've seen that ronaldinho samba goal celebration is done... can we make even some others or edit the existing one? i mean can we create for ex. pato little heart or Nani's back flip or some other players goal celebration??? so the question is can we????
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    A.C. Milan facepack???

    i've seen many teams facepack and i wanna now if there is any milan facepack... i need especially Gourcuff,Oddo,Kaladze,Jankulovski,Seedorf and Gattuso(with hair) if there is anyone that could help me??? <<<<<A.C. Milan>>>>>>
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    face request...

    can anyone help me coz i need a facemaker to make my face coz i wanna join bybuti's friends team and i dont wanna go there without a face... if there is anyone to help me pls??
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    request to fifaCCitiu!!!

    i've heard that u fifaCCitiu are a fan(and callaborater) of Cep 2008 and i thought if u can make the albanian championship patch!!!!
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    ankle tapes!!!

    can anyone make the ankle tape better coz there are some player ex. Gerrard thath have small ankle tapes: and there are some other ones ex. Adebayor or C.Ronaldo that have long ankle tapes! if there is anyone that can change it?? it would be great
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    albanian championship pls?????

    hi guys! i'm trying to find the albanian championship (only the first div) patch and i thought if there is any albanian (especially bybuty) or any other guy that can help me plssssss??? i know about the sweetpatch release but its 800mb and i do have a very slow internet, could any one give me...