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    help with (( cfg_pc_h )) setting.....

    can anybody upload the edited LOD setting for a high-spec PC?..... cuz another thread have it but, the download link is not working.....:$ so me.
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    Rinaldo, please read this......

    As a programer, you should noticed that EA will come up with a new patch. so, you must have a solutions for this bug' in your program. Can you make your great CM07 to work with the new EA patch? cuz it such a waste of time to manually update the transfers market. you have a talent, you...
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    can anybody help with this????

    My Ballack' face turning in various of color including in the picture to! anybody know how to solve this mess???:nape:
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    >animated ad-boards<

    is it posibble to use 'animated' 'GIF' image for the ad-boards, beside using the still 'BMP' or 'PNG' image??? reply is needed... :jap:
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    Did anybody have the FIFA02 turf(grass)? me.

    Did anybody have the FIFA2002 turf(grass)? me. and if anybody have it, send it to my email or just here..... please....cuz FIFA2002 have a graet turf...
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    When the 'new' Creation Center07, will be released?

    as the title, for me Creation Center is more reliable than other.... any ideas when?.... :boohoo: