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    FA In A Sad State

    Two players, Adebayor (Arsenal) and Keane (Tottenham) have both been wrongfully red carded this week. Both were appealed with compelling evidence yet both appeals were rejected! So the FA backs there referees no matter how compelling the evidence is against there decisions? That's extremely...
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    IRC Chat?

    Does SoccerGaming have an IRC chat room? Just wondering because there's a ton of people on these boards and it'd be fun/nice to chat in an IRC channel. Hopefully there is already one out there and someone can post the details for me :).
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    FIFA for PS2

    I cant head the ball :@, can someone help, only in the attacking zone, im playin World Class and cant win any, not even in any other class. Can anyone help. How can i change the ball that is in play for PS2, instead of always using the EA one? I want to get other balls like how u do with Ball...
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    Not going to be a team no more????? I really dont think so, they cant even pay their players. Stam had to go to court, now Simieone and Perruzzi are thinking about it, since Stam wuz successfull the other players are thinking about it, and if they club dont pay, they can leave during the the...
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    Heading Corners/Crosses????

    I keep on smashing the header button on headers/crosses and I never get it, not once, every other type i win with they same thing, smashing the header button, but it wont let me win headers/crosses in the game, didn't get one yet, always the comp, it pisses me off, anyone got any advice? tips...
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    Warm Welcoming!?!?!?!?

    Plz tell me why I come in here, state my opinions and get fired at like crazy, just cuz i dont like Donovan and Shearer is nothing, I'm sure u dont like every soccer player in the world, I'm voicing my opinions and i get yelled at, jess, wut ever happened to freedom of speech?
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    Did England really create soccer??, read this

    Rome is where the art is Friday, 13 December 2002 It may come as a shock to English people who have long held the view that they invented football, but really it comes from Italy. In a new volume of the Encyclopedia Treccani an entry heralded by Corriere della Sera as "a rather bold bit of...
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    Landon Donovan

    I dont get it. He is on the cover, and he is only a 67??!!??!!, that is messed up, iff ur on a cover of a game, u should at least be some what good, and in real life he sucks,so why is he on the cover, and rated 67 in the game?
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    Making Kits

    wut program do I used to edit kits, I d/led Kit Raptor and the white templates, but wut is a good program to edit the white templates, wut do u use?
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    Davids and Netherlands

    Where is Davids is national team with Stam and Seedorf??? I can never find it, isn't it the Netherlands? I cant find that team, I want to be dem but cant find dem? Can anyone help, I cant find dem in Fifa 2003, 2002, all of them
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    Installing Kits

    How do i do it? I go this with the kit d/l, ----------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION: This file installs in the game the 2002-03 Inter Milan kits VERSION: 1.0 AUTHOR: Giando and Leo E-MAIL: [email protected] and [email protected] INSTALLATION: Unzip all files into...
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    Fifa 2003 Crashing?

    I d/led FIFA 2003 for the computer (im buying it for Sony2 so that counts ;)), and it looks like it is crashing to the desktop but it isn't, anbody no the problem? I installed it at my friends with the same CD and his didn't do that, same O/S too.
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    Wut is a good face site, my friend found one but it is like all English Premiership, I want to find Crespo because his hair is not rite in the game, so anybody have any good face sites?