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    Most likely the most disturbing thing ever I've seen
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    Who is lavdaloot?

    Is he an April Fools joke? :(
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    American Student Athletes

    Yeah, so I've got a ~1,500 word paper to write for a class in college about 'pre-conceived' notions and I chose to write about student athletes. Since this forum has a fair amount of posters that had/are having their education in US, I'd like to ask you a few questions. 1. What are the...
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    What to see in Chicago?

    Yeah, I'm heading there next week during the Thanksgiving Break. I'll be there only for about two full days so time is very limited and staying at a hotel called Hotel 71, which is supposedly a good location. Currently in my plans, obviously I'm going to go to see Sears Tower and the...
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    The "I think you should listen to this" Thread

    We all know about Muse, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys or what not.. But lets use this thread to introduce local/underground bands that you guys like to others. Let me start, Butterfingers from Malaysia. Its safe to say if you like Nirvana, I think you'll pretty much like this band. Girl...
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    Official: AC Milan Sign Alexandre Pato

    Il grande talento Alexandre Pato si allenerà con il Milan e potrà giocare le partite amichevoli a partire dal 3 settembre 2007. Dal 3 gennaio 2008 in poi potrà disputare anche le partite ufficiali. _________________________...
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    anyone can help with a calculus question?

    ok, some are going to say "what the hell?" etc :D but Im confident we got smart people on board like Lee. If a resistor of R ohms is connected across a battery of E volts with internal resistance of r ohms, then the power (in watts) in the external resistor is P = (E² R) / (R + r)² If...
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    Daniel Maldini (H)!!!

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    Footballers When They Were Kids

    :D credit to arfy05 from XT for the picture
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    come on man, help a fellow

    haha. since nobody actually posts here, I figured creating a new thread for a simple question is no harm (H) aight, I have a PS2 WE: PES 2007 game. In it Kaka's hair is not real and Milan have both home and away shorts the color white. What I want to do is to import Kaka's hair from...
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    The Milan Derby - Inter vs Milan (P+R)

    Yes, the most unimportant Derby in years has arrived. Inter come into the game with as the only team to be unbeaten in Europe in the league whereas Milan arent exactly doing that bad either with a run of about 15 games unbeaten. This match would also see the return of Ronaldo to face Inter...
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    help with crest conversion from JPG to AI

    could somebody please have this crest re-done to a more proper form for crests, the format that enables you to resize it without losing quality? and while you are at it, could you please make it in these colors? :D
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    One Tree Hill

    I thought since people had Lost and Prison Break threads, I'd open one on One Tree Hill :$ Or.. Am I the only one who watches it? :D Anyways, SPOILERS What the hell happened in the last episode man!! Everyone was just given a "tragedy" :| How the hell is...
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    What Song Was Your First Ever Mp3 Download?

    I was just going through my mp3's and came across one of the first ever songs I downloaded.. Will Smith - Just The Two Of Us :$ Actually I wasnt sure wether it was that or wether it was Blink 182 - All The Small Things or Dammit or Will Smith - Men In Black Either way it was one...
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    AC Milan Declare War On Real Madrid

    "For 50 years, Real Madrid were the greatest club in the world but the new management is throwing all that away and not honouring their history. Milan declares war on Real Madrid and will do everything it can to make the new management's life impossible. Kaka is not leaving and never to Madrid...
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    PES/Winning Eleven : Kaká vs Fred, Emerson vs Robinho haha super video :D
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    Petrol/Gas Stations : Any Thoughts?

    My dad just opened a Petronas (if you follow Formula One, you've heard of it) petrol station about 6 months ago. Currently business is really good as its on a highway with a very high volume of traffic. However, just about 500 meters ahead, theres a Shell station which has opened for a...
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    The AC Milan Thread [2006/2007]

    Associazione Calcio Milan STADIUM San Siro SQUAD 1. Nelson DIDA 2. Marcos Evangelista CAFU 3. Paolo MALDINI (Il Capitano) 4. Kakhaber KALADZE 5. Alessandro COSTACURTA 8. Gennaro Ivan Gattuso 9. Filippo INZAGHI 11. Alberto GILARDINO 12. Valerio FIORI 13. Alessandro NESTA...
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    the expected..

    its kinda embarrassing.. but can I have my username changed to "jani" ya'll know why..
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    Most Improved Player This Season?

    Who's been the most improved player of the 05/06 season? IMO to me the best candidates are Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, Kakhaber Kaladze and Pippo Inzaghi (H):D To me Cesc has become a huge player and Iniesta has taken into Xavi's role super-perfectly. Kaladze meanwhile had to be used...