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    Creation Center means no Creation Master?

    Hi Guys Im trying to decide to get or not Fifa2012, to me the meain reason to get it would be the posibility of editiong the game (thats always what I look for). This year I have seen that EA have develp the Creation Center, but I was wondering if this means that there will be no Creation...
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    Need CMP Argentina's teams

    Hi, can someone help me, I want to have some Argentina's teams in my game, so does anybody can share my .cmp of this teams? Velez Sarsfield Independiente Estudiantes de la Plata Thanks in advanced and Im sorry if this is much trouble...
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    Season mode problem

    Jelow, I dont know if this has been ask before and I really apologice if it has, I couldnt find anything when I search it. So I have been editing my Fifa with CM10 and everything is great, when I play the tournaments everything works like it should. The problem that I have is when I play...
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    Teams for Fifa 2010

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody has created teams like Dinamo Kiev or shakthar donesk or other teams for Fifa 2010? Thanks in advanced
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    Program to edit data?

    Hi guys! Im going to get Fifa 2010 since I'm a big fan of the fifa series. One thing I have always love about the Fifa series are the programs to edit the data, like the Creation Center, wich makes me wonder, do you guys know if theres going to be a program to edit the data for Fifa 2010?
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    Can boots for Fifa06 work in Fifa05?

    Hello Im a Fifa 2005 fan and Im still not very convince to get Fifa06, so I was wonderring something and I hope that someone could help me with these. I want to keep editing my game, and seen that none makes boots for Fifa05 I wonder if the boots created for Fifa2006 works in the 05 game...
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    Minikit Importer?

    I was wondering if any of you can help me, I want to download the Minikit Importer, but I went to the and seems that the link is not working... can anybody give me a link where I can get the minikit importer?
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    Are there problems creating players in CC??

    Hello I was wondering, and I hope that someone can help me with this... I want to create a player using CC, but Im afraid that if I do this the game could trash, I have edit sooo many things that I don't wat to lose this information... So does anybody know if you can create a player in...
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    Wheres the ball!!!??? interesting problem

    Hello So here is my problem... about a month ago I was testing Ball Revolution, but before I install it i backup all the zdata files... Ok, I uninstall ball revolution (crashing problem) and I copy the originals zdata files, I playyed the game and everything was great, I even create a new...
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    Transfer a player with UniDB? how?

    I have been using UniDB, but I have fail to figure out how to trasnfer a player to anothet team or puting a player in a national team... Can someone help me and tell me how is this done???
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    Kit Raptor questions

    I have download kit raptor an all their updates, but I have two problems: 1- I can't find Palermo 2- I can't import Fiorentin's kits Can somebody help me please?
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    Fifaonline Superpatch 3.0

    Hello, I just download Superpatch 3.0 and I have a question before intealled... if I install this patch I'm going to lose all the changes that I made, even the ones like rosters updtaes ?? Does anybody knoes this?
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    Very Strange problem... HELP!!!!

    Hello I have a very strange problem in Fifa 2004, I was playing in the carrer mode in the Serie A and all was good, but the game crash when my team has to play tuesdays or wednesdays, when the team plays opn sunday, theres no problem but is when the team has to play other day than sunday that...
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    How do I promote a team?

    Can any body tell me how can I promote a team from 2 divition to 2 divition, I mean now that Palermo is on Serie I want to pass the team from Serie B to Serie A, its there any way to do it without screwing the game?
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    Problem with Arsenal.... HEEEEEELPPPP!!!!

    Hello, I have a problem when a play against Arsenal, everytime the ball goes out of bounds the game crahes :crazyboy: I think that maybe is the kit, I recently installed a new kit for them with Kit raptor, so I try to change the kit that I put them and the game still crashes... The funny...
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    Hercules Face fix problem

    Hello, I was wondering if Hercules or anyone can help me, I have download the Face Fix program that Hercules made, and it was great, but now I have a problem, when I choose to find the faces, it appears all the "player_model_322052001953125_*.o" of the faces that I have install, when I choose...
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    Whee can I get a Tudor face?

    Can anybody tell me where can I get an Igor Tudor face?
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    Juventus face pack?

    Can anybody knows where can I find a Juventus face pack?
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    Help please?

    Ok, here's my problem, I bougth Fifa 2003, but when i played I can't see the numbers on the shirts of the players?? I have a Nvidia TNT2 32M video card, I know that it isn't the bets video card, but has always work with all the games that I have play, liek Quake, all Fifa series, Jedi Knigth...
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    Help!! Problem Editing

    Hi, I'm new here. Well I was editing Serie A teams and when I finished editing them, I try to edit Real Madrid and Barcelona, but the game don't let me!!:confused: It says that I have to reset one team to edit one more. But It doesn't stop there!!! I try to reset one team to edit other and I...