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  1. Kekso

    Kekso's Faces

    I made face for Erik Jirka (updated old one) Now it doesn't look like total shit so yeah Image in Leyton Orient kit (red one) is my old face for Jirka (URL MOVED TO ANOTHER POST DOWN BELLOW) Enjoy!
  2. Kekso

    Help with face mod

    I was making face for mod but when i try to import the face it gives error. What export options should i use in Blender?
  3. Kekso

    MSV Duisburg new kits

    (UPDATED) (AGAIN) (AAAAAND AGAIN) I made kits for my career with MSV Duisburg here it is: FREE FOR USE IN ANY OTHER MOD :) I FOUND ISSUE IN THE MOD (IT WONT LET YOU LOAD SAVE) I don't know what is the issue i will try to fix it ASAP