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    Albert's Kits

    Here is my first kit for FIFA 12 ever and it looks like ****, it's really awful but it is just a begining so i hope that i'll make progress in future Man United gk kit 2009/2010: kit shorts logo Screen
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    EPL kits 2009/2010

    Hey anybody please post me any EPL kits for FIFA 11 from 2009/2010 season. For example:
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    please help me))

    People i need original fifa.db, upload please. thanks:clapwap:
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    Just a request

    People how do you think is it real to make Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick style in FIFA 08 like in FIFA09???
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    Barclays Pemier League

    :bob:Hello. You probably already realized that I was a passionate admirer of the English Premier League. And all this time I was concentrating on Barclays Pemier League. And now, when half of the season is over, I want to present to you my fourth job. In my archive will be published then, before...
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    Camp Nou
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    Stamford Bridge
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    Old Trafford
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    Enirates Stadium

    New beautiful Enirates Stadium for your FIFA 08
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    Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

    New awesome Santiago Bernabeu Stadium for Real Madrid fans :))))
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    My miniface(accept requests)

    Here is my first work. Comment please.
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    !!!!Laurent Koscielny face wanted!!!!

    :)People, please, give me face Laurent Koscielny. I have one, but it is not very good. Thanks in advance:)
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    My kits

    :taz:Here are some kits converted by me. I can convert kits from fifa 10 and fifa 11. and if you want any kit just give me this kit from your fifa 10/11 :taz:
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    Championship update

    The 1st team will be Portsmouth
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    FIFA 08 goals

    :33vff3o: Let's show each other how we can play! :33vff3o:
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    FIFA 08 goals

    Let's show each other how we can play!
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    Help please

    Can anyone uplooad Wayne Bridge EA default face please? Help me please cause i need him for my patch (v.1.4) thanx
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    Some minifaces(accept requests)

    You can request for some minifaces in this post