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    Jomi's Big Roster Update...soon here at SG

    Hi guys ( and girls !!! ) Just a few words to say that I'm currently working on a new big roster update ... Just as last year, it will update a lot of leagues following the winter transfer window...Hope you'll like it cheers jm
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    Jomi's Big Roster Update 2008 with download link

    Hi guys, Some of the older forum members may know me from my past work at Fifa CZ then Sweetpatch where I did some massive roster updates back in 2004/2005... I am not a member of a particuliar site anymore but I would like to share the work I do for my own game, with you :) Here are the...
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    Jomi's PES 08 Option File ( PC platform )

    Hi guys, This year , I will edit PES and no more fifa... For the ones who are interested, I have made an option file which updates the game... Here are the features : * Real names for all the players in the game * Real names for the english premier league clubs * All duplicated...
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    Fifa 08 players database converted for 07

    Hi guys, I have bought fifa 08 but I will stay updating and patching Fifa 07 ( which is IMO better than 08 at least mine with more than 300 stadiums & 100 new teams ) ... And I also doubt fifa 08 will allow us to edit so easily ( with all those 2g generic faces eating a lot of memory ! ) So...
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    Full database structure of Fifa 08 PC

    Hi guys, I have opened the fifadb 08 with UniDb 4.0 Here is the full list of the diffrent fields ... playerid firstname surname birthdate originalname height weight preferredposition preferredfoot facetypeid headtypeid haircolorid hairtypeid lowmedhairtype facialhairstyle...
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    list of teams with 3rd kit in game

    I guess some of them must be unlocked manchester utd arsenal tottenham chelsea liverpool bayern münchen borussia dortmund hamburg schalke stuttgart werder bremen inter juventus milan roma fiorentina auxerre bordeaux lyon monaco paris sg olympique marseille celtic...
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    list of teams with GK kit in game

    arsenal manchester utd chelsea liverpool tottenham bayern münchen borussia dortmund hamburg schalke stuttgart werder bremen inter juventus milan roma fiorentina auxerre bastia bordeaux lens lille lyon monaco nantes nice paris sg stade rennais toulouse...
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    New player's faces you can import from Fifa WC06

    Hi guys, You can import new faces of players from the World Cup game into Fifa 06 for those who are interested. You will need EA Graph or BigGUI to export them and File master to import them For each player you need to have 4 files: ( XXX is the id number of the player ) s_XXX you...
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    New Players with Original Faces in WC06

    Hi guys, Here is the complete list ( I hope ) of the players who have their own faces. I have only listed the new ones who are not in Fifa 06 684 Mark Schwarzer AUS- Middlesbrough 763 Christian Wörns GER Dortmund 883 Willy Sagnol FRA Bayern 954 Stelios Giannakopoulos GRE Bolton 2148...
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    Comp subs + referee strict

    Hi, here are files to apply tactical subs by the computer and have strict referees copy the folder "ini" in data/cmn and the folder "config" in the root directory of fifa 06 it's for the PC version
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    Some things I don't like in Fifa06

    Hi, Got the full game for PC today... Here are something that I really don't like 1- the menu bug is still there. I had to disconnect my usb keyboard to make the damn thing work ! just as it was for the demo 2- I've got the feeling that the ball stick to much to the player's foot 3-...
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    Is this a BUG ?????

    Okay, I wanted to modify the starting 11 to make a roster update and this happened After i updated the whole 1st French league ( 20 teams ) , the premiership ( 20 teams ) and a few of the 1. Bundesliga ( 5 or 6, I don't remember ) it was impossible to go any further. Every new change for...
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    Cool Niro, one question for you !

    Hey Cool Niro, Could you tell me what kind of kit format is supported in the FifaFX final batches ? I know that for the first version only the EA format ( 32 bits ) was allowed but when I check your teams add-ons the kit size is bigger. Is 2GK or 2GK4S supported now ? Thanks for you reply...
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    Have you also noticed that ?

    The half time substitutions are gone :( Or am I blind ?
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    Generic gk kits ???

    Hello guys, Has anyone of you great kitmakers had the idea to make generic goal keepers because those of EA are awful . I think it would be a great idea to make gk packages of different sponsors ( Nike, Adidas, Umbro,Kappa etc...) now that we have the new Kit Raptor. I think that was done in...
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    A few questions to the Wolf

    Hello Tristan, It seems that you are the best roster updater in this forum so I would like to ask you some questions concerning PES editing, if you don't mind First of all I 'd like to say that I bought PES3 for PC last week and since that day i'm totally addicted ! I've been making rosters...
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    a few bugs in team management

    Hello, There are a few things that annoy me in the way the teams are managed. 1- When a CPU player is injured, you receive a message informing that he has to be substituted ,when the injury is severe. But the computer does not make the change ! So you have to pause the game,change...
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    For people from Portugal or elsewhere

    Hello guys, I have noticed that in the starting 11 from sporting clube there are 2 goalkeepers : Ricardo and Nelson Problem is I cannot get rid of Nelson because you can only substitute a gk with another one. I just wanted to know if you are experimenting the same issue or it's only me...
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    Goodbye FIFA 2002

    Hello guys ! Sad news! My new computer doesn't allow me to play Fifa 2002 anymore! Many thanks EA for not making a patch for that !!!!! I have spent countless hours in playing and customizing this game.So much fun! So for now I 'm fooling a bit with the 2003 version,waiting for the...
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    Hercules, what's wrong with ECP ?

    I want to download Enhancer and DBI editors at ECP, but they are no longer available at File Front. Is there another site where I can have them ? Please HELP ! JM