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    Patch Retro: World Cup 1998

    Hello! Fiferos Here Patch World Cup 1998: Containts: Kits: H/A/GK Minikits: Style FIFA 10 More 120 Faces More Minifaces Adboards Ball Mode Tournament Original Link:
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    Minifaces JohanBc

    this post is to help with a new pack of MINIFACES Bundesliga, I accept orders also other equipment Werder Bremen 2015-16 Download:
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    MFP Superpatch 2015-16

    Hello everyone this is a patch where I'm working, even what I need and not quite finished but before long I'll have ready and this is the list of probable contents of the patch CheckList: -LFP Spain -Premier League England ¨Finish¨ -Major League Soccer ¨Finish¨ -Bundesliga 1 ¨Finish¨...
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    Updates 2015

    MANCHESTER UNITED 2015: Manchester United 2015: -Full Rosters 22/8 -23 Faces -Minifaces 99% -Adboads -Flags -Balon -Logos y Banner GUI -KITS 2015 -Faces algunas con Tatto y de alta calidad Download:
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    Fifa 08 Updates Page Facebook
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    Hello everyone, here I leave some faces I've done I hope you like if you like comment (Y)
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    New Style Logos

    hi all, here I bring a new style of logos hope you like it, comment MLS 2015:
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    Minifaces ByJohanBc

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    Barclays Premier League 2015 SuperPatch

    Containt: -Roster FULL -100% Minifaces -More 250 Faces -20/20 Adboards All Teams -Full Flags -All Teams H/A/GK -18/20 Stadiums -Logos and Banner Full -Ball EPL -Armards EPL -Fonts Full Teams EPL 2015 -100 Boots Captures: [/IMG]
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    Updates 2015 by:johan bc

    Hello everyone I'm back with equipment upgrades to the current season, containing all faces, MINIFACES, kits, fonts, etc .. adboards MY FIRST TEAM: ARSENAL 2015 CONTAINS 99% -MINIFACES -More FACES OF 20 -Kits H / A / GK -FONTS -ADBOARDS -ball -BANNER AND LOGOS GUI...
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    World Cup Brazil 2014

    Hola a todos, como ya estamos a unos cuantos pasos del mundial de brazil decidi hacer el parche del mundial que contendra: - las 32 selecciones clasificadas -las nominales oficiales para cada equipo - kits home,away and gk -Minifaces oficiales de la fifa -Fonts de las camisetas -...
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    Updates 2014

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    Fifa galaxy on facebook
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    Fifa galaxy on facebook
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    Fifa galaxy on facebook
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    Pach Clasic Master FIFA

    Soy johan bc, ando en un nuevo proyecto llamado patch clasic master que contendra los mejores equipos de los años 30 hasta el 05 esto sera un gran proyecto que cambiara la cara del fifa 08 sera un parche ejecutable Necesito ayuda de algunos editores que quieran colaborar con mi parche, el...
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    Project Patch Regionalist

    Hi all a long time ago not step here but hey, I present this idea to do a patch exe, the style of fifamania, baltic fifa, fifa Argentina. which were based on a single region in area but they were great patch Example: FIFABaltic's "UEFA EURO 2008 Official Update Patch" Thread...
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    Minifaces Johan Bc ¨ACEPT REQUEST¨

    hi all fiferos here I leave some MINIFACES for fifa 10 ACEPT REQUEST Real Betis 13-14 Cardif City 13-14 Dinamo Bucaresti 13-14 Coments :rockman: ACEPT REQUEST...
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    Message Johan Bc

    hi all from johan bc I wish you a merry christmas to all editors and former editors that enable it something in our newest Fifas thank you very much to all hola a todos de parte de johan bc les deseo una feliz navidad a todos los editors y ex editores que hacen posible que tengamos algo mas...
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    Minifaces Johan Bc ¨ACEPT REQUEST¨

    Iniciamos con el primer pack Real Betis Europa League: