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    tackles per game.

    why is it that for every league that i play in the most frequent tackler never tackles above 8 per game but for all other leagues players can have upto 17 tackles per game. i first started playing in the la liga. i'm playing in the epl now and the tackles/game in the la liga now has shot...
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    wtf puyol.

    he's been like unhappy for about 2 seasons now.. why? because he believes he isn't fully fit yet. wtf. i gave him a good rest. 100% and all.. and still no luck. and then his value drops from 45 mill euros to 20. his stats improved. bah. he still has 2 years remaining on his contract though.
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    i dun have a screenie but when i set puyol to tight mark diego forlan (lol) he went to mark the goalie instead. in the end his fitness was in the 50s....
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    Re: Your website

    erm ya not to sound offensive but wtf is this?
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    wisdom teeth

    've just extracted mine.. haven't felt any pain yet.. the painkiller has not worn off.. anyone here got their's removed? how was it like?
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    what's your censorship in your country like? mine is like so forked up, so i enjoyed every moment during my 2 weeks stay at australia.. for example, the show cruel intentions, which is teens + mild erotica, would never get aired here in Singapore.. and even if it did, there would be many...
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    chelsea's bankroll..

    is only 49.5 million pounds. i honestly expected much more from roman abrahamovic..:kader: (H)
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    .:: NBA All-Star 2004 ::.

    vote now!
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    Di Bagio Blasts Cuper _____________________ Di Biagio attacks Inter coach Cuper MILAN, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Former Italy midfielder Luigi Di Biagio says he was 'betrayed' by Inter Milan coach Hector Cuper and has criticised the way he was forced...
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    seems like it's just a matter of time.. YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! ---> but this is bull****.
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    Contra Needs Surgery ------------------------------- Contra set for surgery Thursday, 02 October 2003 The Club Atlético de Madrid defender Cosmin Contra faces an extended spell on the sidelines after it was revealed he needs surgery to cure...
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    adding a border..

    could someone try adding a border to my avatar? i don't know what to use since it's all black.. and don't ask me to change my avatar..
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    any kind hearted korean who cares to help?

    FIFACE has a new site, and we need YOU to set up a common account for members of the SG forums.. thank you and have a nice day.
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    trying to be a Raul eh, Ronaldo? this is stupid.. why are the best barca players always linked with real madrid in one way or another?
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    Rosicky to Liverpool? if rosicky joins, liverpool will boast one of the most attacking minded midfield in the premiership.. the midfield of kewell, gerrard, diouf and smicer is proving to be very hard to handle, and with the addition of rosicky..... :rolleyes: all of...
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    Do you think this is pure bullcrap?
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    carew punches riise

    training ground bust ups.. is this a new trend? edit: sorry.. riise got a black eye on the bus, not on the pitch..
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    erm... help?

    i downloaded the st james park stadium, but i want to install it by overwriting anderlecht's stadium instead of the bernebau. Sooo, i need to know the introduction files (i.e. 3insthk1.str and 3insthk2.str) for anderlecht's stadium.. Does anyone knows it?
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    to anyone who has the face-fix tool from

    could someone send this tool to me? fifaecp's downloads are down.. well at least to me that is.. please, it's just an 8K sized file.. [email protected] your help is very much appreciated.
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    well, as there was no proper announcement for this patch, i'm gonna make one..