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    FIFA 15 Better Career Patch

    Hey beta, I had the same problem than Muzzsjm, so I tested the rna.ini searching for the cause. This line is causing the problem: ENABLE_QUICK_SUBS=1 It's needed to be deleted in order to get the D-PAD fully functional again.
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    FIFA 14 Better Career Patch

    Thanks for all your work mate, it really helped to improve a terrible EA game into a really enjoyable career mode.
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    The 2014 World Cup Thread - Football, Favelas and Financial Turmoil

    MOTM Nishimura, available only for 24hs...
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    FIFA 14 Better Career Patch

    Works like a charm, thanks!
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    FIFA 14 Better Career Patch

    I didn't changed that line, I had +4/+8 grown in the first season for most of the players, need to test what happens for next seasons, don't want players with 200 rating ;)
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    FIFA 14 Better Career Patch

    I have the same problem, I am playing with a edited db and my team players hardly grow, maximum +2, but some played all the season and they dont even grew, when there's a huge improvements in another team's players. Now, here is tricky part, players like Januzaj, Junior Malanda, Rober, Varela...
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    FIFA 14 Origin Patch/Update

    The patch overrides all editing, but once you run the Fifa14 i68Regenerator 4.0 selecting the "Patch" option, seems that you'll have all editing back, checked with my data and kit editing.
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    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Hi mate, thanks for sharing your works another year ;) New pc here, Fifa looks really good this year, so a lod tool will be amazing.
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    CM 14 and Other Tools by Rinaldo

    It's great to see you back mate, this will be an amazing year for fifa series!
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    How Do I Get Better??

    Ok, let's resume everything in 2 important things that u must have: contain rivals and pace. All depends upon ur gameplay system, but normally when rivals get the ball away from the 25mts line, i play contain and only put pressure when rivals cames close to my area, or when i "get the numbers"...
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    Creation Master 12 Compatible W/ FIFA 13

    You can't have 2 players for position 5, same happens with position 23. Try to set different positions for every player in that team. Same rule to GK, u can only have one Gk with position 0, the others must have position 28, 29, and so on...
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    [VIDEO] Which Striker To Buy!?!?

    Neymar, fast, skilled, great stamina and shot accuracy. Would be your 2nd best buy, for Mutd. striker place, Howard Webb is the man, can't get more penalties by any other player
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    Camera Patch

    Take a look at Program Files/EA Spots/Fifa 13/Game watch if there's a cl.ini file in there. Open it, u should have strings for DEFAULT_DIFFICULTY_LEVEL= DIFFICULTY= HALF_LENGTH= and so on... If not, creat a notepad with that name and place on of the above strings posted in there. I just tried...
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    FIFA 13 - Full Off Bugs

    Hm, happened to me twice on career mode when made 3 subs, that one of my players became invisible, the mate was there, touches the ball, but i guess activated his Predator suite, 'cause turned invisible for me.
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    Exaggerated Brightness Of The Pitch On Tele Camera Fix

    The problem is with the light assigned to rainy matches, specially at night, so changing turf won't solve the problem without affecting turf's clear day colour. The work-around solution i'd found is to avoid playing rainy matches, so, without rainy matches there's no ultra-shiny light green...
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    FIFA 13 - Career Mode

    I'd started as always, with my Liverpool, felt pretty much as Brendan with low budget and giving chance to the kids, so: -I'd sold the remaining deadwood like Downing and Cole, -made cash selling at Kelly, Lucas and Borini, -sold at good price at Reina (finally) and bought at Sirigu (PSG Gk)...
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    Online Gaming

    Smf_fede - SMF_Volker Be kind, 3 months without touching my Fifa12 XD
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    Neymar worth 103,000,00

    Buy Suárez-Agüero, best strikers-duo and worths way less than that.
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    Suraka's Kits

    Great quality kits for el campeón del siglo, amazing work mates.
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    WEATHER in career mode

    Some green man could help, it's just editing rna.ini.