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    Question of the Week: Sexiest Footballer

    Too late....:)) fillin' guilty to even open this thread and read all posts...
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    FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013

    Falcao should get it.
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    WC Qualifying Play-off

    How much time can Olympiakos still keep Mitroglou?
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    WC Qualifying Play-off

    You're in big trouble if you see Greece as a favourite.Both teams suck big time,but really,are you sure you can handle to see Greece playing in the WC? I'm sure i won't. So sad that one of Portugal and Sweden will not make it to the Wc while this "fabulous encounter" between Romania and Greece...
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    Brazil could play in European Championship

    Mind-blowing !! Btw, the 2038's World cup will take place in South pole. They're also be few changes to the actual format: a] 96 qualified teams instead 24 b] Boreal aurora instead floodlight c] the tournament will be played until one of the following will win the World...
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    The most talented young player

    Rafael Vd Vaart!!:bob: hell ya...
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    Question of the Week: The Euro Expansion in 2016

    ...such as "tricolorii" maybe ??!:browsmiley: Anyway my fair proposal is 48 teams instead 24.This way Malta, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Luxemburg will have their chances... It will be such a delight to see a titanic clash in the final group stage at the next Euro 2016 between...
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    Euro 2012 SG Prediction League - Semi Finals

    Wednesday, June 27th Portugal - Spain-0-1 Thursday, June 28th Germany - Italy-2-1
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    FIFA 13 Leagues

    Saudi Arabia in Fifa 13? Why??????
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    Mega patch Actualizacion 2011-2012 fifa 07

    any good news? :)
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    What grounds have you been to?

    white hart lane, san siro, maracana(serbija)
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    My FIFA12 super Lag!!!

    Hy guys! after trying all the solutions posted here(with no success)....i'd developed a new one....returning to fifa 11 . seems to be the most intelligent idea atm;-) cheers
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    The Best Young Talents

    Thiago Alcantara! :)
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    FIFA 12 - Announcement

    In my humble opinion , i think that they (Ea) will want to keep the line.So, fifa 12 pc =fifa 11 Ps3.
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    Fifa 11 adboards by Elendil030.

    Gorgeous adboards like always my friend Elendil!
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    Ultimate11 Braziliam patch you don't need to pay for it!

    Another brazilian patch that it will never be released?
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    i have a player missing on the left wing.i have to play with 10 players from the star

    Thou, the title of this thread was really funny.....(H)
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    Specs for Fifa 11?

    Yeap! the game isn't very well optimized for Win 7, yet.You can try to change the OS to Xp Sp2 or 3, or wait for the next video drivers updates.
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    Steaua 2010-2011

    I can't believe the **** can i watch soccer from now on? I really hope that mother****er reff will die in a ******* accident. It's really ******* unbelievable, i haven't seen something similar in my all entire ******* life. Yes mrromaniac, Cavani was off-side, Kapetanos was sent off...
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    Specs for Fifa 11?

    Nope. The problem isn't the Ram memory. Fifa 11 really requires dual core processor.Try to play the game with a 1.8 dual core and you'll find out that the game works like a charm even with 2 G Ram.Cheers