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    Faces by Monika

    Hi guys, I'm beginning facemaker and here are my first two faces: Karol Linetty (Lech Poznań): Łukasz Zwoliński (Pogoń Szczecin): I need to work on eyes and learn how to make good hair (as you can see on Zwoliński's face I tried, but I failed).
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    Faces by Monika

    Hi guys, that is my second Fifa face (first one was to Fifa 13). Marco Paixao, Polish League top scorer. That isn't final version (I must edit model a little bit). Beard is not mine.
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    Monika's Flags

    Hi everyone, my name is Monika (yeah I'm a woman) and I'm doing flags for Fifa 13/14. My level is not very high so don't expect awesome flags :D.