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    Fonts minikits ... and some new Italian kits by Sgavina

    I start with my... INTER THIRD KIT thanks to makispla's fifa 15 kits creations
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    Sgavina's 2014/15 Italian kits

    First kit: INTER HOME made converting fifa 14 Tonce's kit
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    Sgavina's Italian Kits 2013-14

    As I promised let's start with Italian Kits of the new season ATALANTA HOME Minikit
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    New 2012-13 kits & kit packs by Sgavina

    Hi friends I'm back with a new thread dedicated to the next season I remember to all of you my last pack about EURO 2012 that you can find at this link So, let's start with new 2012-13 kits, and, at first, I will dedicate my work to Italian Serie A kits
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    New serie a kits 2011-2012

    Hi, I'm a new Kitmaker. Look at my new serie A kits and tell me what do you think about it. Here's my Cagliari Kit pack. If you like it I'll make bologna, cesena, lecce and siena as soon as possible bye