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    Removing Roof Graphics From Stadiums

    I've been playing the game with CheatEngine to adjust height and zoom of the broadcast camera.. unfortunately for some stadiums like Old Trafford, or generic stadiums for the british teams; after a certain height roof gets in the way between me and the pitch, blocking my vision.. so it's...
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    Any audiophiles?

    I can't consider myself as an audiophile, not with my knowledge but I like listening the music I like via good headphones or sets.. 6 years ago I've bought bose companion 5 and a bose headphone, and since my car had bose audio I thought it was one of the best around, until I've came across...
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    Any questions for a female professional football player?

    title says it all.. her name is jess o'rourke.. very cute, very friendly, such a nice person.. I'm with her on a ski resort to spend the weekend with friends.. bring it on!
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    Activating Your FIFA 13

    guys; if you've already bought the game via origin, you can activate the game by the following steps.. 1- download the game via origin, it'll check release date and block the play button.. 2- exit from origin.. dont even let it run on background.. 3- download and install the program...
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    Fifa 12 PC or PS3?

    hey guys.. I was a regular PES guy but converted to FIFA till '10.. I was buying the PS3 versions since they were a bit better than the PC ones but this year it's the same game everywhere else as far as I'm concerned.. so now I'm on the verge of buying this game, should I go for the PS3...
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    The Official Euro 2008 Babes Thread

    I'm not keen on opening threads and I've literally waited days for this kind thread to open. sadly, noone seems to be bothered. :) now come on, post your Euro2008 babes here and I'll have another biblical collection like I had in 2006.
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    [ P + R ] Parma has been relegated from Serie A

    now surely it would happen sooner or later, and it happened this year.. parma has been relegated from Serie A after being defeated 3-1 by fiorentina.. it was a magical team for me to play with during my fifa96 and cm italia years.. with cannavaro, crespo, chiesa, veron, sensini, thuram...
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    A very strange night in UEFA Cup Group H

    gotta love how things were shaped up in UEFA Cup Group H last night.. it was Panionios-Bordeaux and Galatasaray-Austria Wien, with Helsingborg and Bordeaux already qualified in group with 7 and 9 points (After 3 matches) respectively. Panionios (4 points after 3 matches) and Galatasaray (3...
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    Fatih Terim speakıng English...

    Turkish NT coach Fatih Terim in a press conference after the 0-1 home defeat against Greece.. ChkFtdzDKxs I cant find a word to describe this incident.. just hilarious..
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    RIP Colin McRae

    I've just read the terrible news. and seriously I just dont believe it. Scottish rallying legend colin mcrae had died in a helicopter crash near scotland. his 6 year old son also passed away in the crash. he was the first British to become WRC champion in 1995.. used to watch...
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    WE:PES2007 PC Updated Option File

    I'm asking for an option file for the changes been made in summer transfer window.. any recommendations are wellcome..
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    Turkey Blocks Youtube

    Turkish Court of Justice today blocked the reach to the web page of The reason was a video broadcasted at by greeks, which insulted the founder of Turkish Republic M.K.Ataturk with more than sick words by adopting a song on his picture. For sure; adopting a gay song...
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    Hrant Dink :(

    I've just learned that Hrant Dink, editor of the Armenian origined newspaper Agos in Turkey, assassined in Istanbul app. three hours ago :(:( I've had an opportunity to meet him in a dinner a year ago, he was a close friend of my professor in university, and all I can say for him with the two...
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    Zaragoza - Sevilla (Fight Night Round 3)

    what an event! football match and a boxing match glued together ;) great action from carlos diogo.. :jambo: I'm very sad that we'll be seeing him out of action for a few matches.. heh, pathetic.. they looked real fun when their fight heated up.. they should get "how to throw a punch"...
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    FMC Graphic Pack v1.0

    hey I made a quick search at google and found out that there's a huge graphic pack called "FMC Graphic Pack" ... Referring to my sh*tty french, it's about 950Mb which would give a little taste about it's huge content... the trouble is, I dont know where to download it.. if someone...
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    just inherited 24,500,000$

    f*ck I'm rich (H)