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    Player Skins

    Hi, Im wondering if we can enable players to wear skins even if i isnt raining or snowing cos players like young, rooney, sturridge wear it for every single game(well almost). Replies Appreciated.
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    HEy guys i heard in the recent news that Pes 2008 will be the same as ps2 as to the psp.That means can i use options files made for ps2 for my psp?
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    Pes for psp?

    Hello!I've been playing and editing Fifa since 2001 and now i would like to switch to PES cos the trailers that i see are totally out of this world...I know this question might have have been asked many times but could someone tell me if u could edit PES on psp??...Thanks
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    mowing pattern

    I just installed this new turf...and i want to change the mowing pattern using ea's default. I used Cm07 but nothing happened..then i used DB master but again nothing happened..helP!!
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    Hi all..found many good faces that you guys have always requested but have never gotten and also many good faces from alot of other sites...will be puttin faces here..if u guys r looking for any pls tell me and i will try to find them..Take Note THAT this are NOT MY FACES! Referee pack..been...
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    Roster patch

    Is there going to be a roster patch??Btw when i changed the names of ECC and EFA...the title will change but it'll still be put as ECC group stages...y??
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    Big raptor

    Hey guys i remember using Big raptor to import all my faces for 05/06 but for 07 u cant cos it wont work with other edited im wondering if someone cld make or tell me if there is a big raptor for 2007??
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    Need help!

    I need help making a 2gf hair file..fsh..i promise if u help,u'll get something really good!!Promise!!my e-mail is [email protected] CYA on msn
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    Pedersen by Joy

    Now everyone can have this wonderful face made by joy Pedersen
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    Did anyone update rosters for fifa06??I want the most up to date one!!!If so please send me..besides CEP that is
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    IS there a way to increase the number of subsitutes in ur career game??
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    Could someone help me?I wanted to change Saha's hair as all of u shld know, he has shaved bald...i tried using hair changer by it dosent work...could somebody help me to change saha's hair and send it to [email protected]
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    Dose anyone know where i can get a good pedersen face...i know fifajoy made one but i cant get it.......if u do have the file pls send email is [email protected]
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    Dose anyone know the player id for vidic??
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    Dose anyone know which folder is the one that chooses which teams to go to which squads?
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    Dose anyone know how i can move new clubs up to the Fa league ?
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    Andreas Ottl

    I downloaded this wonderful Ottl face from DJ Atze but i dont think he does for fifa06 any longer...i was hoping if someone could help me c whats the problem. Whenever i sub him out,my whole game will crash.Also when i sub him in, there will be missing heads for other players...i really hope...
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    Carrick and Baros??

    Does anyone know where i can get really good faces for Carrick and Baros...THanks