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    [FIFA12] KrisDzung276's Face Thread

    I got a suggestion, not a request, why not try making cleverly? Dont seem to have seen anyone attempting to make him yet
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    Player Skins

    Hi, Im wondering if we can enable players to wear skins even if i isnt raining or snowing cos players like young, rooney, sturridge wear it for every single game(well almost). Replies Appreciated.
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    messi in real ????

    If ur desperate, double his pay. He'll prolly decide to stay on. At least thats what happened for nani in my team
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Will installing this have any bearing on online stats?
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Hey Fidel really awesome patches. Gave up on playing the demo cos was so pissed with e lags but with ur patches even with ultra settings it runs flawlessly. Cant to use ur patches with the full game
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    FIFA 11 Winter Updated Rosters (Official EA Sports)

    Awesome roster dude however dont know if its e update or wad but now when e referee hands out cards, he seems to be handing out invincible ones..??
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    :::Sky, Turf, Crowds, Tunnel, Light and more:::

    Hey even after uninstalling fifa and then reinstaling it y is it that files still appear inmy game
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    Woomar Faces

    Make the neck bigger too
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    09 Faces by. YoYoCena

    Its really good but somehow the mouth dosent look right
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    [NEW]Clementzuzu untucked shirt patch

    oh my bad! Thank you so much its a really awesome patch, changes the whole feel of the game
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    [NEW]Clementzuzu untucked shirt patch

    Could we have a normal ankle tape(in all white and not greyish) for the fix players model version, THanks. And as usaul a fantastic job
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    Ankle tape texture

    Anuke can you pls upload ur ankle tapes or can someone who has it upload it please! Thanks a million
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    Ankle tape texture

    Hey clementzuzu love ur fix player model patch, but cld we have e normal ankle tapes(not the 1s cristiano ronaldo wears) and completely in white so it dosent look like a cardboard..thx
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    [NEW]Clementzuzu untucked shirt patch

    Dude how did you get your wristband to that size...Could you give a link..thanks
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    FIFA 09 Event Munich @ F4F

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    FIFA 09 Event Munich @ F4F

    i thought that is for e ps 3 for the gallas face??
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    FIFA 09 Event Munich @ F4F

    Guys go check the graphics for fifa09 on pc really are awesome!
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    HEy guys i heard in the recent news that Pes 2008 will be the same as ps2 as to the psp.That means can i use options files made for ps2 for my psp?
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    Dude its possible.I bought a new laptop and sent it to the Computer shop. I paid a decent $250US to modify my laptop but it depends on your area and how much they charge.
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    FIFA has just lost its graphics superiority on PC.

    Im curious are faces in pes 6 applicable for pes 7??