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    nationwide teams i did info....

    That would be great to have Serie B and Serie C1A,BC, and hopefully Serie C2A, B,C are in...
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    Manual Freestyle Moves in Fifa 2004

    Being the best dribbler doesn't mean being the best player... In fact, there's no such a player... one can do well in dribbling... and some other criteria... but definitely impossible to be good at every aspect... In overall, Zidane is the best attacking player because he is physically...
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    Special moves in FIFA 2004

    For special move, I think everyone can have generic and character move... but really have to distinguish between the good and bad players... if he's good at control and dribbling... then... he can make more moves without losing control... but if he is good at dribbling but not very good at...
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    Are we putting to much confedence in EA?

    EA is good at marketing but not at programming... I think...(e.g. see the gameplay of FIFA2003)
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    FA Asia Cup

    The Asian Cup things are definitely cool. But I don't think EA will include it... since its major market is in Europe...
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    WE7 vs FIFA 2004

    Wo, someone said WE 7 is not realistic... just see the gameplay... there are MISSED TOUCHES... which is very common in real life... you can hardly find it in FIFA...
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    Are we putting to much confedence in EA?

    To be honest, EA is still very safe now. The winning eleven series is ,well, very realistic and playable BUT its Japanese version is far better than its English version. Therefore, the European gamers won't buy it. That's also why EA can still compete with winning eleven with such gameplay.
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    Gameplay Editing - NEWS!!

    Hi Breamster. For special moves, I just copied the code from the "Best Gameplay" on the soccergaming site... CPU_FREESTYLE = 1 CPU_SKILLMOVE = 1 CPU_SUPERMOVE = 1 it works...but it seems that most of the players can do the freestyle moves... which is kind of unrealistic... if you can...
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    Variables Explanation in AICPU and INI

    If you are interested in individual players' AI, you may probably know how to edit the following that the different player style can be shown... (e.g. Owen really runs faster than others... and won't get caught by the slow Chinese defenders) Within the INI file... //Option...
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    Do you think fifa2004's stadium is too large?

    The player size is not a big problem. There are different angles viewing the players. Users can always adjust the angels they want. I agree that the GAMEPLAY (e.g. AI, formation, position, player styles, weather effect, attribute effect...) is the MOST IMPORTANT for the game. Graphics can...
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    Let's Build a Parma Fan Site!

    My name is Warren. I have been a Parma fan since they promoted to the Serie A ... I realized that there is very few non-Italian Parma fan sites. I really hope to see a Parma fan site with people coming from all over the world. I would like to invite all of you to help create a Parma fan...
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    New great idea!!!

    I think the training should do nothing about the attributes, but the FORM of the players. Just imagine, after an intensive training, a poor player cannot be a star player, but he'll definitely be more consistent. Hopefully, EA adds more attributes such as forms, consistency, and work rate.
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    Universal gameplay patch v1.0 released!

    Hi Ikk, I tried the PM function now. Hope it works. Thanks for your suggestion on "aggression" and "GK" problems. But do you know what the "save determination" parameters mean? does it mean ...the higher the weight, the better the goalie? Thanks for your help.
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    Universal gameplay patch v1.0 released!

    Hi Ikk, As I said before, my fifacoach doesn't work. I don't think I can edit the Parma's formation but I can edit the players and team's AI... Also, Ikk, do you know how to make goal keeper better while they don't grab the ball but punch the ball out instead? Thanks.
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    Want your favorite team in a gameplay patch? Than read this!!!

    Hi Ikk, I followed your instructions in your tutorial. I'd like to raise a question here. Situation: I changed the WC_Mark_Aggr to 6.0 (which is the max value you suggested for this variable) and WC_Loose_Aggr to 10.0 (also your suggested max value) and WC_Tackling_Aggr to 70.0 (your...
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    Edit bly files

    Does Anyone Know How to Use Hex Editor to make "Global Changes?" Hercules said that people can hex editors to make "global changes." (change multiple player's multiple attributes simultaneously) Does anyone know WHAT hex editor to use and HOW to use that hex editor to make global changes...
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    Probably the best goal possible in FIFA 2003

    Hi Ikk, I have a little bit different view from you. I think the more computer assistance does not affect the gameplay. You can make great nice shots while making a great goalkeeper. There, you won't score alot but you can still view the nice shots. I used to making the cross...
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    Global Changes of Player Attributes

    How does Hex editor make "global changes?"
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    Global Changes of Player Attributes

    Just wonder if anyone knows what programs allow "global changes" (change multiple players' multiple attributes simulatenously). If you know, please feel free to share with everyone in the community. I appreciate your share.
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    Want your favorite team in a gameplay patch? Than read this!!!

    Hi Ikk, I think I will work on the AI files (those you sent me on Monday, Vancouver time) for sure. But I am not sure when I can finish it since I have a job interview next Monday/Wed. Plus, I am also waiting for the school program advisor's reply (since I'll back to study starting Sept)...