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    FIFA 10 VS PES 10

    i own fifa 10 on the ps3. im a strong player and win most of my games wether im versing the computer in legendary or a human. can i just say that im not to pleased. i liked fifa 09 and spent many many hours on it, over 400 online matches. for the new fifa 10 i havnt had that "urge" that i felt...
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    FIFA 10 on PS3,XBOX360.which is better?

    i owned fifa 09 on xbox 360 and i now own fifa 10 on ps3. i must say i was a lot more satisfyed with the xbox 360's gaming experience. The online was much better and i even drop out of connection every now and then on the PS3. i highly recommend the 360, i'll definatly switch back to 360 for...
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    European leagues invitation xbox360

    gt: ITALIANtank69 --- Fiorentina please
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    Join a well run online league xbox360

    i don't understand where is juve, inter or ac?
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    adidas Live Season (x360)

    italy did'nt cheat the world cup you're just a sore loser FORZA ITALIA
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    Fifa 08 Best Youngs

    4th seAson carlos eduardo 95 pato 98 anderson 97 nani 96 mertsacker 93 fabregas 96 mercelo moreno 93 lennon 93 neuer 90
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    Human Goal Keeper, Biggest Let Down

    yer it is pretty frustrating coz the comp seems to score wif one shot after youve had 1000 chance against there pig GK on steroids. but i like how you can select goalkeeper difficulty even though ive never used it. And controlling your keeper as if he were another player is great, i luv cleaning...
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    FIFA World Player of The Year 2007

    Kaka deserves it the most and cristiano ronaldo would be his closest contender. But kaka is better and if messi or c.ronaldo wins it then that would be a huge mistake
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    Making money in Manager Mode

    This is my secret on making money in manager mode. During the last tranfer period towards the end of your season buy as many free agent transfers as possible. You would want to buy those ranging from 75 and above. When you bid for them, give them the highest salary fee possible. Get all the...
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    Fifa 08 Your current lineup

    My great squad This is my squad with Milan in manager mode as of 13.02.2011 Starting Lineup: Pos Name Age Overall GK M. Neuer 24 90 RCB Daniel Alves 27 91 CB P. Mertesacker 26...