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  1. K-Roq

    MH25 Kit Locker

    How do you add your own jersey fonts, kits fonts, to any team? thanks in advance
  2. K-Roq

    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    How do I import a tattoo skin I created in photoshop? FIFA 21. Thanks :)
  3. K-Roq

    EEP 21

    I just got FIFA 21 and wanted to download EEP 1.0 Unfortunately, I'm unable to download the patch. I get a 404 error? Any chance someone has a working link for this? I also want to get that and update it to the current version as well....2.0. thanks in advance. :)
  4. K-Roq

    FIFA 21 Best Patch??? (as of right now)

    Good day everyone... Really quickly, I just wanted to ask which Mod Patch right now is a good one? (Faces..Kits..Icons..Names...updated transfers etc...) As I may purchase FIFA 21 some time soon, I just wanted to see if their was any significant patches out there available. From what I've seen...
  5. K-Roq

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V5.2 (21/22 Edition)

    Does anyone know how to extract just the updated rosters from this patch? any help would greatly appreciated.
  6. K-Roq

    Revolution Mod 16

    I had a quick Question. Where do I go about changing the running style for a player? I have seen "runningcode1" and "runningcode2" in the database but every player is set to 0. Also In CM16 says the same thing when selecting a player to edit his skills and ratings etc. I just wanna be sure, be...
  7. K-Roq

    faces converted to fifa 16

    some playerID's are wrong. they dont match fifa16, they have fifa19 playerID's.
  8. K-Roq

    ballinham's Tattoo Conversions

    If anyone can guide me in the right directions on how to get PES TATTOO files and I'll gladly try to convert them to FIFA 16. The process in extracting PES files and opening them with the right Tools for FIFA? {I have pretty much all the FIFA Tools so I'm good] Thanks in advance! :)
  9. K-Roq

    My stadium studio - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium

    Silly question, but how does one add these stadium files to Stadium Server? Was just curious :)
  10. K-Roq

    FiFA 19 PC- Dx12 Cutscenes are locked to 30 FPS again.

    RadeonPro is the solution to this. I move it to 60fps and its fine for cut scenes
  11. K-Roq

    Scarlett's Faces

    Are you using sweetfx? I really like your graphic settings you're displaying!
  12. K-Roq

    International Faces by ECanalla

    EDIT: Found it, Thanks anyways. :) Could you please link to this facepack? Searched everywhere on here and I just can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance
  13. K-Roq

    FIFA 16 Soundtrack

    Tried the Download Link. Got an Error 404. Anyway, looks like an awesome Tool!!!
  14. K-Roq

    (ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2

    Awesome bro! Can't wait!!! :clap:
  15. K-Roq

    Supernova's Gameplay

    Hello, quick question.. What line do I edit in the cl.ini to get faster player movement, steps, turn around speed/agility? Want to mimic PES fast turning methods for player, if possible in FIFA 16? Thanks in advance Edit: I have previously tried //PHYSICAL_AGILITY=1 //mAgility...
  16. K-Roq

    (ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2

    Awesome! Thanks for the upload :D
  17. K-Roq

    Doctor+ Productions 16 Special Mods

    Regularcats replies are so predictable.... sarcastic, rude, and condescending :clap:
  18. K-Roq

    (ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2

    Full List is cut off? Would it be possible to upload the ini file? thanks:mike:
  19. K-Roq

    Pedro10do7 - Mods Graphics

    @pedro10do7 What SweerFX configuration are you using mate? Looks cool :)
  20. K-Roq

    (ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2

    Feyenoord - De Kuip PSV Eindhoven - Philips Stadion Look amazing, great job! :D