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  1. edicchia

    Importing Czech Patch From FIFA 15 To FIFA 16

    Hi guys. I've a techical question for you. I've saved the Swiss Second League from the Czech Patch 16 for fifa 15 in .cmp format and after I've imported in FIFA 16. Now I can play the Swiss Second League only in EXHIBITION MODE but not in CAREER MODE and TOURNAMENT MODE because the...
  2. edicchia

    I Can't See My Created Kits In Game!

    With CM14 I can open the DB of my UGC Content and see rosters, formation, all! But now my new problem is a Kits problem because I see my perosnal original created Kits in the CM14 but when I play with CAREER or TOURNAMENT appear the Kits of the UG Content and not my KITS! Why? Can me help...